Directions for Playskool Helmet Heroes

With the Playskool "Helmet Heroes" series, your kid can become his favorite hero: a firefighter, police officer or race driver 12. Each pack contains a helmet and a wheel -- or handlebar-shaped controller -- which he can use to play a series of games, as well as make announcements in his best race driver or police officer voice 2. The toy uses an infrared sensor to communicate information between the helmet and the controller.

Set Up

Unscrew the helmet battery hatch and insert three AAA batteries. Close up the hatch and reinsert the screw.

Detach the back panel on the handlebars and insert the AA batteries. Close up the back panel on the device.

Lift the visor on the helmet, and adjust the headband on the inside. If your kid's head is smaller or larger, you can shrink or widen the headband so it fits snugly on his head.

Place the helmet on your kid's head. Flip down the visor and adjust the microphone so that it's about 2 inches from his mouth. Have him hold the controller in his hands, pointing the front toward him.

Power on the helmet and the controller. Keep the IR sensor on the bottom of the controller in view of the IR sensor on the front of the helmet at all times.

Press the action buttons on the controller face to activate the different sounds for your controller. Press the action button on the helmet to activate the flashing lights and sirens.