Directions for Nerfoop

Nerfoop is a Nerf basketball set that includes a ball, backboard and hoop 1. A classic from dorms to bedrooms to offices, Nerfoop lets you practice your free throws and dunks from anywhere, without risking damage to the furniture or any breakable items in your room 1. The backboard is designed to fit easily over any door and the ball is made of light, squishy Nerf material. While it may not be too good for dribbling, Nerfoop will encourage you to practice your dunk face all day 1.

Unpack all of the parts from the plastic container.

Locate the hoop bracket, which is the small, square plastic piece. Push this through the matching hole in the back of the backboard so that the brackets face the front of the backboard and the depressed part is on the back.

Push down on the metal clip on the back and in the middle of the hoop bracket to hold it to the back board.

Locate the hoop and netting. Loop the wide sections of the netting onto the plastic hooks in the hoop.

Lay the backboard flat on the floor, brackets up. Push the hoop prongs into the holes at the bottom of the bracket. You will hear a click when they are connected.

Grasp the hoop and swing it up, with the prongs hinging in the brackets. It will swing until it sits in place like a standard basketball hoop; you will hear a click.

Locate the plastic door bracket. Push the two prongs of the bracket down onto the corresponding holes behind the backboard, at the top.

Hook the other side of the door bracket over the top of any available door.