Diaper Genie II Elite Instructions

When you have a new baby, one of the first things you'll want to purchase is a quality diaper pail. Playtex, a maker of a variety of baby products, has reinvented its original diaper pail into the Diaper Genie II Elite, a system that offers the best odor control and ease of use, making it more hygienic than prior models 1. This system can be put together in a cinch, and daily use is even easier. Assembly requires no special tools.

Assemble your Diaper Genie II Elite 1. This diaper-disposal system comes in two pieces, which must be snapped together to complete assembly 1. The top half of the system has a closable lid, and the bottom half has a foot pedal. Put the top half on the bottom half and push down until you hear a click, which means assembly is complete.

Insert the Diaper Genie II refills. The refills are used similarly to the way a garbage bag would be placed inside of a pail. Open the Diaper Genie II Elite and put the refill through the clamp down to the bottom of the system 1. The refills are made with a five-layer film system that reduces odor and germs.

Step onto the foot pedal located at the bottom of the Diaper Genie II to open the lid. Drop the diaper into the disposal top 1. Lift your foot off the foot pedal to close the lid.

Remove dirty diapers by pushing the button on the front and lifting the top half of the disposal system up. Cut the diaper refill bag with the internal childproof bag cutter located toward the top of the lower half. Tie the bag and throw it away.

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