Decorate the Nursery With a DIY Paper Crane Mobile

Moms often find that decorating the nursery is a highlight of having a new baby — and adding a handmade touch is a special way to show their love for their little ones. However, not every mom was born with the craft gene, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out.

This colorful paper crane mobile is simple to pull off, easy to coordinate with any nursery color scheme — and is one of the few things that will actually capture a young baby’s attention (find out more in my post, Top Picks: The Best Sensory Toys for Baby). Plus, it’s a very inexpensive project that you can complete in less than an hour.

To make your own mobile, you will need:

  • 14-inch quilting hoop
  • 6-by-6 inch origami folding paper in various colors
  • 20 pounds of monofilament
  • 1/4-inch satin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A needle

Now it’s time to fold some cranes. See my step-by-step visual guide to folding paper cranes for complete instructions. (Don’t worry. It only takes a few birds to get the technique down!)

Once you have all of your cranes folded (I made seven in total for my mobile), use a needle to poke a hole through the body of each one. Next, thread the monofilament, also known as fishing line, through the hole and secure it with a small knot.

Remove the outer ring of the quilting hoop, and then tie each bird to the hoop with another knot. You’ll have to play around with the placement of the birds to properly balance the hoop.

Cut two equally sized pieces of the satin ribbon and tie them on the hoop so they create an “x” pattern.

The last step is to tie another piece of monofilament where the two ribbons cross — and use it to hang the mobile.

Now place your baby underneath and glow with pride as his eyes light up at the sight of all those colorful birds.

Photo Credits: Stephanie Morgan