Dance Programs for Preschoolers Near Norwalk, CT

Norwalk, Connecticut, is one hour northeast of New York City along the shores of the Long Island Sound. Once nicknamed, "Oyster Town," it has several neighboring towns within a few miles, making it easy to find options for dance programs. Preschoolers can benefit from structured dance instruction, and you will find a variety of options in and around Norwalk 1.

Dance Academies in Norwalk

Dance academies focus on learning the art of dance. Norwalk Academy of Dance is a program offering dance lessons for ages 3 and older 1. Your preschooler can learn the various styles of dance such as lyrical, ballet, tap, hip-hop and jazz. Just Dance Studios has four large studios offering classes in modern, tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop and break dancing. Children ages 4 and older can enroll. A yearly recital in the spring showcases all that your young one has learned.

Dance Academies Near Norwalk

A few other dance options are right next door to Norwalk. New Canaan Dance Academy is 8 miles from Norwalk in New Canaan 2. It offers creative movement and pre-ballet classes for 2- to 5-year-olds, teaching the fundamentals of ballet in an encouraging environment. In Westport, 2 miles from Norwalk, you will find Westport's Academy of Dance 13. It has creative movement classes for 3- to 4-year-olds using props and easy direction to teach dance movements.

Dancing and More

You might be looking for a broader selection of performing arts programs. The Fleur de Lis Academy in Wilton, 6 miles from Norwalk, has an array of programs. Not only will you find pre-ballet, mommy and me dance and creative movement classes, but you can also take your preschooler to a tea party, a manners and etiquette class and yoga classes. Six miles from Norwalk in Darien is the Darien Arts Center. It has classes for preschoolers in theater, acting, creative movement, pre-ballet, music and visual art.

Fitness-focused Dance Programs

Its not too early to teach preschoolers the importance of fitness, and dance is an effective way to do that. The Little Gym of Westport, 6 miles from Norwalk, has creative movement classes emphasizing poise and balance. For children ages 3 and older, gymnastics elements are incorporated to help develop well-rounded coordination. The Stepping Stones Museum for Children provides several classes for preschoolers 4. It has a dance class called "Move in Tune" for 2- to 4-year-olds, exploring music and movement through singing, feeling and rhythm.