Dance Instruction for Toddlers in Colorado Springs, Colorado

You can channel your toddler's unbounded energy into creative movement by introducing early dance moves in your child’s routine. Put on different types of music and dance together through jumping, marching, rocking, tapping and twirling. Once your little one has absorbed a few basic moves, turn her loose in a dance studio class in Colorado Springs 3.

Guidelines for Picking a Dance Studio

“Between the ages of 1 and 3, kids respond best to music when they actively experience it,” according to KidsHealth 1. Establish a list of priorities when searching for the dance studio for your tot. Look for a place where staff members and teachers enjoy working with this age group. Ask if you can observe a toddler dance class, noticing how the teacher interacts with her students. How does the teacher handle frustration, discipline and a child’s lack of attention? Is the class fun for kids? Are props, such as scarves or ribbons sticks used? Do the tunes inspire movement and dance? Contemplate whether you want to participate in a class with your child or watch her engage alone with her peers.

Dance Studios – Drop Off Your Child

Artistry in Motion Dance Studio offers a beginning dance class for 3-year olds 2. Combining creative games with basic dance steps, observe your little one explore ballet, tap and jazz moves. Danceworks’ four locations makes it easier to accommodate your schedules. Danceworks introduces your tot to basic movement and rhythm steps, setting the tone for future dance endeavors.

Dance Studios Providing Parent Participation

Colorado Academy of Music and Dance works on coordination, balance and rhythm in its 45-minute pre-dance class for toddlers. Help your toddler learn how to perform simple acrobatic moves and establish appropriate behavior in a group dance setting. The Little Gym of Colorado Springs starts your daughter’s dance training early, offering parent/child classes beginning at four months 3. Whether you enroll her as a baby or sign up when she begins walking, Little Gym ensures you’re her first dance coach, cheering her on as she reaches each new dance milestone.

Dance Studios With a Twist

Feel the Beat Studios offers a comprehensive Kindermusik program in three studios. Not only does Kindermusik introduce your child to expressive movement through dance, toddler classes provide in-depth music exploration through instruments, vocal play and story time. Turning Pointe Dance sets the stage for worshipping God through artistic dance expression 4. Christian teachers initiate your toddler into spiritual ballet dance through expression, coordination, balance and spatial awareness.