Cute Ideas for Sweets for a Birthday Party

Whether you are looking for birthday treats to match a specific theme or just something fun and sweet to include as birthday goodies, you can choose from a range of options to make your child's birthday a tasty hit. From princess cupcakes for your little girl to make-your-own sundaes for your teen and his friends, try one of these sweet treats as an alternative, or addition to, your traditional birthday cake.

Activity-Themed Treats

You don't have to be a professional cake decorator to hit a home run with your baseball-loving birthday boy. Bake your child's favorite flavor of cake in a large round pan, and you've just baked a baseball cake. Frost the cake with white frosting, then use red frosting to make the traditional stitched seams on the baseball. If your birthday girl is a dancer in the making, make ballerina cupcakes. Bake the cake batter in silver foil cupcake cups. Cut the bottoms out of bright pink or sparkly cupcake papers and attach the remaining sides onto the top edges of the foil cups by using a little frosting. Frost the top of the cupcakes in pink, sprinkle on some edible glitter, and you have cupcakes with tutus guaranteed to thrill your young ballerina.

Eat the Whole Thing

Need easy, fun treats to take to your youngster's class for her birthday? Instead of using standard muffin or cupcake papers, bake your cupcakes in flat-bottomed ice-cream cones. Fill each cone two-thirds full with cake batter, then bake as directed for regular cupcakes. Top with frosting or sprinkles when cool. The kids will love being able to eat the whole thing and your child's teacher will appreciate not having messy cupcake papers all over the classroom. Another fun option is cake pops, which can be decorated in bright colors to look like balloons or as sports balls for your sports-crazy youngster's party.


If you have enough adult hands to help, consider a make-your-own birthday treat for the party-goers to both create and enjoy at the party. Ice cream is a sure-fire hit with all ages and a make-your-own-sundae is a simple way to let kids create their own frozen masterpieces. Put out an array of ice cream, toppings and add-ons, such as sprinkles, mini candies or chopped fruit and nuts, if no kids have nut allergies. Challenge the kids to a contest to see who can create the most colorful or most unusual sundae. Kids can also make their own cookie cakes; simply set out a variety of appropriate toppings, help them assemble their treats and let them enjoy the completed product.

Cute and Tasty Critter Treats

For little ones in love with critters, you can make cute ladybugs or turtles from regular cupcakes. Cut the rounded tops off of muffins or cupcakes. Frost them with the appropriate color, then add colored candies in fun shapes and sizes to make dots, eyes, antennae or tails. Make fun pizza pops by dipping large pretzel rods in milk or white chocolate candy coating or frosting. Add some festive flair by rolling the coated pretzels in sprinkles, crushed nuts or mini candies. For your animal lovers, bake two standard cake layers. Use one as an animal's head and cut the other to make kitty cat or teddy bear ears. Decorate the face with colored frostings, licorice strip whiskers and candy eyes. Again, always check for allergies, especially when serving treats with nuts.