Cute Ice Cream Cone Projects for Kids

Few kids can resist an ice cream and will gladly tell you about their favorite flavors and toppings. Your child may not get to indulge in ice cream daily, but you can still celebrate her love of this cold creamy treat with kid-friendly ice cream cone craft projects.

Dough Ice Cream Craft

Make an ice cream cone craft out of dough and a foam cup. Have your child carefully cover a foam cup with a light orange tissue paper, using tape to secure on the inside of the cup. Fill the cup with torn and crumbled pieces of tissue paper. To make your own colorful dough for the ice cream part, add a few drops of any color food coloring into a cup of water, then stir in 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt, and mix well until you have a thick dough consistency. Have your child shape the dough to look like ice cream scoops and place on top of the cone. You can use a large ice cream scooper to help. Let the dough air dry for about two days.

Terra Cotta Cone Craft

Pick up a small terra cotta pot from any garden store. Have your child paint connecting Xs on the outside of the pot to give it that cone look, using a golden-yellow paint. Once the paint is dry, fill the cone with tissue paper to the top, then give your child large, colorful pom-pom balls to put on top as the ice cream. Or, your child can use the homemade dough to top this ice cream cone craft.

Edible Art Cone Craft

Give your child a strong piece of card stock paper. Draw the outline of an ice cream cone on the paper. Have your child then crush graham crackers in a baggie. Cover the ice cream outline with glue, pour the graham crackers all over it, then lift the card stock to remove the excess. For the ice cream part, combine equal parts rising flour and salt with a few drops of food coloring. Mix to make a smooth paste. Let your child use paint brushes or her hands to paint ice cream scoops on top of the cone. When she's finished, place the picture in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds. The paint will rise, giving the ice cream a 3D appearance.

Real Dipped Cone Crafts

Give your child real ice cream cones to make dipped cones. Have your child help you melt milk chocolate and white chocolate separately, and pour into shallow bowls. Set out different types of toppings, such as sprinkles, crushed graham cracker, crushed candy bar and coconut flakes. Show your child how to dip the cones in the white or milk chocolate so that the chocolate covers about inch or so of the cone. Immediately dip the cones in any of the toppings, rotating it to get the topping on all sides. Top the cones with your child's favorite ice cream and enjoy.