How to Create Flashcards for Toddlers

Homemade flashcards can be an economically friendly way to teach your toddler letters, simple words, shapes, colors and even animal names. These work well for visual learners, but any toddler can benefit from using flashcards 1. If you make them colorful and bright, you will be creating an attention-grabbing, entertaining and educational tool for your little one.

Decide what the theme of your toddler’s flashcards should be 2. You can choose animals, the alphabet, shapes, colors or simple sight words.

Grab a stack of 3-by-5-inch note cards and some markers. Gather any additional supplies that are needed once you figure out the theme. If you chose animals or colors, you can search through magazines to find pictures of various creatures or objects with the basic colors. Word flashcards can be written with a marker, or you can also cut the words out of a magazine as long as they are a large enough font for your toddler to see a few feet away.

Glue one picture, write one word or draw one shape on each flashcard 2. You can even combine colors and shapes to make flashcards like a blue triangle, red square, green rectangle or yellow circle. If you are making different sets, such as one animal set and one alphabet set, make separate piles.

Laminate the cards or protect them with contact paper if you want them to last a long time. Trim the sides so there are no sharp edges.

Store each set of flashcards in its own plastic pencil box or resealable plastic bag when you are not using them.