How to Correct Rebellious Behavior in a Child

Children are far from perfect. They go through so many different developmental stages and personality changes that one minute you are certain she is a little angel and the next minute you can’t believe the manner in which she is blatantly defying your every wish and command. You cannot control their behavior every second of every day because children are often unpredictable, but you can correct their rebellious behavior by implementing a certain set of parenting skills.

Show ample amounts of respect and for your children and spouse. Your behavior is the prime example that is set for your kids, which means what they see you doing is what they are more likely to do. The more respect you show one another in your own home, the more respect and less rebellion your kids are likely to show you.

Respond calmly and rationally to your child when she behaves rebelliously. By remaining calm, you are showing her that this behavior is what is acceptable. She will begin to respond to you in the same manner, which means her rebellious reactions will be fewer and farther between.

Remove your child from the situation when she is acting with rebellion 1. A few minutes in time out to give her time to gain a little control over herself is an effective way to help her overcome her rebellious tendencies. In time out, she has time to calm down and think about her action or reaction, and to realize that she is there for that reason.

Acknowledge your child when she behaves without rebellion. For example, when you ask her to clean her room or finish her dinner and she does what you say without giving you a hard time, praise her for her positive behavior. Tell her you are proud of her for listening and that it makes you very happy when she does what you ask and behaves so well. Positive reinforcement is an effective tool when it comes to teaching rebellious children to change their behavior.

Expect your child to obey you. By expecting appropriate behavior rather than rebellious behavior, you encourage your child to correct her rebelliousness. Additionally, when your expectations are higher, your child will work harder to meet them. If you expect her to be rebellious, you are merely adding to her level of rebellion. Your expectation of rebelliousness does not allow room for improvement for her when she sees you are not surprised by her inability to obey the rules.