What Chores Can Kids Help Their Parents With: A List for Teens

Provided they are given the proper instruction, once children hit puberty they are old enough to be entrusted with most any job an adult can do. For parents looking for ways to keep their teenagers busy, and get some free labor in the process, a list of chores is a way to occupy their precious time. Before you turn your teen lose, make certain he understands the job -- otherwise you may see him cleaning the toaster by sticking it in the dishwasher.

Kitchen Duty

Teenagers can take a lot of the daily pressures off their parents by helping out with kitchen chores, such as cleaning the countertops, sweeping and mopping the floor and cleaning small appliances, like the coffee maker and microwave. Teens can be responsible for making lunch for their siblings, washing the dishes and emptying the dishwasher, putting away the tableware and taking out the trash. Once taught how, teens can clean the oven, clean out the refrigerator of old food and wash the shelves and door 1. With adequate training, teens can help preform the grocery shopping and do the meal planning and preparation, from peeling the vegetables to the actual cooking of food.

Other Housework

General housework duties for teens can include vacuuming the rugs and furniture and shampooing the carpets. Pet-care chores include feeding, walking and washing the dog, emptying the cat’s litter box, cleaning the bird cage or fish tank and washing the pet’s bedding. Teens can clean the bathroom, including the toilet, vanity, tub and shower and mop the floor. They can wash all the windows, dust off the furniture, gather the dirty laundry, do the wash, iron and put the clean clothes away as well as clean the laundry room, including the washing machine and clothes dryer.

Teens can organize the closets and clean out the garage and basement. Quick chores include replacing burned out light bulbs, watering the house plants and wiping down the baseboards, heating vents and registers as wells as the doors, door knobs, light switches and outlet plates in all rooms.

Outside Work

A list of outdoor chores for teens include mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes and hedges, weeding the garden, cleaning the pool and hot tub, fixing and painting the fence and power washing the deck, patio, house, driveway, sidewalks and outdoor furniture. In the fall, teens can rake and bag the leaves and clean and store items, such as the bikes and camping equipment, for the winter. Once winter hits, teens can shovel the walk, driveway and brush snow off the car; the car also needs regular washing throughout the winter to keep it free of salt. Putting up the holiday decorations and lights is a great seasonal chore for your teenagers.

General Maintenance

Teens can do any number of chores that have to be done on a regular basis throughout the year, such as washing, waxing and vacuuming the cars, cleaning the boat and personal watercrafts and tuning up the bicycles. Teens can be responsible for cleaning the RV and getting the camping equipment out of storage and ready for use. Teenagers can change the furnace filters, clean the power and hand tools and also do light maintenance on the vehicles, such as changing the engine oil, checking the liquid levels, such as the wiper and transmission fluid and the tire pressure.