Cheap Gifts for a Biker Dad

It is not uncommon for kids to have no clue what to buy for their dads. When Dad is a biker, the gift ideas can be narrowed down around his motorcycle. Unfortunately, traditional thinking about gifts for bikers may be that the "good" gifts are most likely expensive. However, with a little ingenuity and a little money, the perfect gift dilemma can be solved 1.

Protective Gear

Many inexpensive protective items are available. For example, roost protectors provide protection for the chest area from mud, rocks and dirt that may kick up from other bikes and cars. Biker gloves help to protect the hands from calluses and injuries from falls. Some of the better gloves have a gel padding to help absorb the vibrations that occur during the ride. Bikers are always looking for ways to stay warm in cooler weather, and one way of staying warm on a motorcycle is to wear a special hat -- called a balaclava -- that covers your head, neck and usually all of your face except your eyes.

Cleaning Kits

Riding on the road can cause helmets, windscreens and bikes to accumulate dirt particles. Cleaning kits are used to help Dad keep his precious bike and helmet shiny and free from bug remains, fingerprints, scuff marks and any other temporary imperfections. An all-in-one cleaning kit may include cleaning fluid and a special microfiber cloth which is perfect for surface polishing or a quick cleanup.


Calendars, magazines and books are perfect keepsakes for motorcycle enthusiasts. Bikers absolutely love to examine a well-built, custom-designed bike. Magazine subscriptions give Dad new pictures, ideas and leisure time entertainment month after month.

Emergency Items

During off seasons, a bike's battery power may drain after sitting for long periods. A battery charger is a reasonably priced way to ensure Dad’s bike has the power it needs when it is time to hit the road. Prepackaged biker emergency kits are also excellent gifts and often include items such as CO2 cartridges, rubber cement and patches. Functional and decorative, the popular neon lights give a bike a customized, head-turning look for little to nothing. They help to make Dad’s bike visible during night riding, as well as fashionable.

Build a Gift Basket

Some items are so cheap you can fill a gift basket. Consider items like sunblock, bug repellent, special motorcycling wool socks designed to keep feet dry and comfortable during long rides, earplugs to protect from wind-damaging noise and eye wear. Wraparound eye wear not only protects Dad’s eyes from stray road material, the glaring sun and the drying effects of the wind, but also helps Dad look cool.