How to Change a Name After Adoption

Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding things that a family can do. Once the adoption is done and the family breathes a sigh of relief, it's time to think about starting the process of the name change. In most cases an adoption name change does not require a hearing, unless the child is in her teens. In that case, the judge may wish to speak to the child to make sure that a name change is wanted 1.

Readopt your child in the United States if he was initially adopted abroad. If your adoption has already been finalized in the country where it took place, you can readopt your child in your home state. Then begin the process for a name change.

File a name change petition in your local court system 1. After the adoption has been finalized, you may open a name change petition as a new matter of the court. You will need to state your reasons for wanting to change the name of the child now, as opposed to while you were obtaining the adoption 1.

Attend the name change hearing if one is required. This usually happens when you are trying to change the last name of an older child or you are trying to change the first or middle names of a child 1. The judge will make sure that the child agrees with the name change.

Use the certified copy of the court order, which changes the child's, name to request a new set of documents for your child 1. You will need to obtain a new birth certificate, a new Social Security card and a new passport with the new name listed.