How to Change a Jogging Stroller Inner Tube

You're about to take your baby out in the jogging stroller and notice that one of the tires is flat. This seems like something that is complicated, but really, changing the inner tube on your flat stroller tire isn't that hard at all. Put down the baby and get ready for a quick trip to a discount department store that sells bikes and bike supplies. All you need is the tube and you can fix it in no time.

Remove the cap from the tire's air valve. You won't be able to get the valve out of the tire rim with the cap on.

Hold the tire in one hand and the tire rim in the other hand. Bend and pull the tire sideways until you can gently pull it off the rim, all the way around the circle of the rim. You should end up with the rim/stroller in one hand and the tire with inner tube in the other hand 1. Let go of the rim/stroller for now.

Remove the inner tube from the tire 1. Check the inner tube and the stroller tire for tube size 1. Usually, 16 "/1.75 is standard for the side tires.

Buy a replacement inner tube in the right size 1.

Remove the cap from the new tube. Place it inside the tire. Thread the valve through the rim. Tuck the tire's edges into the rim. This is the hardest part, but once you get a section tucked into the rim, the rest tucks in easily all the way around. Fill up the new inner tube with air until tire is hard. Cap the valve and it's ready.


You can also remove the tire and rim from the stroller and take it in to a bike shop to get it replaced. They'll charge a few dollars extra for labor.