Where Can I Send My Out of Control Teenager?

If your teen is lashing out at you, sneaking out of the house, disobeying your rules, not doing good in school or displaying other bad behaviors — then your teen may be considered out-of-control. You've lost the control you once had and the only way to get back in control is through tough love and consistency. Many teens are out of control because they are allowed to be — they aren't given responsibilities and they do not have enough positive things going on in their lives 1.


Having your teen volunteer for a good cause may be just what she needs to keep reality in check. She probably won't like it, but you are the parent and enforcing community service is a way to keep your kid in line. Places such as soup kitchens, nursing homes and homeless shelters are just a few of many places that can provide a eye-opening positive experience for your teen while teaching values and instilling gratitude.

Volunteer work can create a sense of accomplishment and also give your teen a closer look at the grass on the other side. You might even choose to volunteer with her to create a stronger parent-child bond.


Getting hired is an ideal way to make use of extra time while putting some cash in your teen's pocket. Many teens are out of control because they don't have enough positive things to focus on 1. Rather than laying around or causing trouble, show your teen's who's boss and help her find a job. She will not only learn valuable employment skills, she will learn responsibility and how to take direction from authority. Most places of employment will hire teenagers at around 15 years of age with a work permit.

Psychiatric Conseling or Brain Training

Sometimes teens are out of control due to hormonal imbalances, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or other disorders that you may not be aware of 1. If you've tried all of the options and your teen is still exhibiting out of control behavior, have your child evaluated and treated by a psychiatrist. Another alternative is to see a specialist that offers brain training or biofeedback. This is a non-invasive, homeopathic method proven effective in treating hormonal imbalances, ADHD, manic depression and other pathologies without medication (see "Resources").

Extracurricular Activities

Get your child involved in activities that interest him at school or outside of school. Many community centers offer free or low-cost classes and activities for teenagers. If your child has hobbies, encourage those hobbies by purchasing supplies or allowing him to take additional classes that will enhance those skills.