Camping Sites in California for a Family With Kids

California’s climate ranges from areas with hot summers and rainy winters to sub-arctic temperatures, so year-round camping options are available across the state. California offers a variety of environments -- from beaches to deserts—for your family to enjoy on your next camping vacation.


Beaches along California’s coastline offer conveniently located campgrounds for families to enjoy. Families can swim, surf and picnic at San Elijo State Beach, located along the San Diego Coast, and this beach has a nearby reef that snorkelers and divers might enjoy. The campground has a store with boogie boards, firewood, snack bar and other supplies. The park features backcountry hiking and nature walks, and children’s programs are available during the summer.


Southern California’s deserts have many family camping sites that are popular in colder months when the weather makes northern sites less desirable. Desert camping areas give families the opportunity to enjoy the desert environment together. Campers can take a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park to see desert flowers, cacti and animals. Campgrounds near the Salton Sea, also known as California’s Dead Sea, offer families activities such as:

  • hiking
  • swimming
  • fishing
  • bird watching
  • boating
  • off-roading


California’s mountains have tent and RV camping opportunities, and cabin rentals. Mountain Lakes campground in Lytle Creek has tents, RVs and cabins that sleep six people and come equipped with full kitchens 7. Some cabins have television connections, separated bedrooms and bunk beds to make families more comfortable while they enjoy California’s mountains. Yosemite Pines, near Yosemite National Park, allows up to six campers per site, offering both campsites and cabins 2. This campground includes bathroom and shower facilities, picnic tables, fire rings, swimming pool and children’s playground.

Campgrounds With Amenities

Family campgrounds are available throughout California, and many offer amenities in the campground itself that can make your vacation enjoyable no matter where the campground is located.