How to Become a Surrogate Mother in Oklahoma

According to The University of Chicago Medical Center, infertility affects approximately 12 percent of couples in the childbearing ages 1. Couples who have exhausted options to carry a child may turn to surrogacy. Surrogacy comes in two forms: Traditional, in which the surrogate is the biological mother of the resulting baby, or Gestational, in which the surrogate is not related and carries the biological baby of the couple. Oklahoma does not have any laws for or against surrogacy. This means the state of Oklahoma doesn't require you to be a certain age or follow state guidelines. The surrogacy agency or clinic in Oklahoma will set the parameters.

Talk to your significant other and children before proceeding with being a surrogate. He will have to deal with you being sick, tired and uncomfortable with the pregnancy, and will need to be supportive of your decision. Your children will need to be aware that the baby will not come home into your family and will not be a sibling.

Contact local infertility clinics in your area to see if the clinic needs surrogates. You may have to look at larger cities, such as Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Specialists who deal with infertility are called reproductive endocrinologists. Ask for requirements to be a surrogate. This generally requires you to be between certain ages, have at least one child and be in good health.

Visit Select “Egg Donor/Surrogacy” and then select “Oklahoma.” Contact the agencies in Oklahoma and ask about the surrogacy process and requirements.

Select other states if you wish to view surrogacy clinics in another location. You are not required to work with a clinic in Oklahoma and can travel to other states to get pregnant. However, the intended parents will be required to obtain an attorney in Oklahoma to file petitions to the court if the baby will be born in Oklahoma. The petitions filed will vary based on the type of surrogacy you do and are designed to establish the intended parents as the legal parents of the baby.

Proceed with the clinic or agency of your choice. You will be required to fill out paperwork with information on you and your extended family, pass psychological tests and medical exams, and meet with the staff. If you are accepted as a surrogate, you will be matched with a couple and the medical process of getting you pregnant will begin. The couple you are matched with may or may not live in Oklahoma.


Speak to an attorney in Oklahoma who is knowledgeable about surrogacy. Oklahoma appears to limit compensation to surrogates.