The Best Baby Bottles for 6-9 Months

Many parents do not put much thought into the type of bottle they purchase for their baby. Selecting the right bottle for your baby can help prevent many woes of infancy including stomachaches, excess gas, swallowing too much air and more. As your baby grows, her suction becomes stronger, which is why nipple selection is equally as important. Selecting the right bottle for your baby is easy when you know what to look out for.

Playtex Ventaire Bottles

The Playtex Ventaire Bottles are a good choice for many parents 1. The Playtex Ventaire bottles received high consumer ratings and are applauded for the health benefits they provide babies 1. The Playtex Ventaire is designed to reduce gas, spit-up and colic 1. The Ventaire bottles grow with your baby, and you can upgrade nipple stages as your baby matures. The bottle is easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher, and is easy to assemble and take apart.

Avent Natural Feeding Bottle

The Avent Natural Feeding Bottle is another example of a quality bottle that grows with your baby. Avent sells various-stage nipples with five different flow levels to give your baby the best fit possible. The Avent Natural Feeding Bottle has been proven to reduce colic and fussiness in babies. The Avent Natural Feeding bottle is also one of the easiest to clean on the market, since it only has three pieces to take apart.

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottle

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottle is a popular choice for many parents. The Dr. Brown's bottles feature a vented design so that your baby does not swallow trapped air, and the nipple does not collapse. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottles are reported to decrease colic, fussiness and spit-up. This bottle is BPA free and does not contain harmful chemicals or lead like other plastic bottles. The Dr. Brown's bottles are versatile, with a variety of six different nipples from which to choose.

Gerber Clear View Nurser

The Gerber Clear View Nurser is a viable option for many parents. The Gerber nurser received high consumer ratings for its design and durability. The Gerber Clear View Nurser clearly marks ounces, so that you can see exactly how much your baby is eating. There are several stages of nipples for the Gerber nurser, allowing the bottle to grow with your baby. The Gerber Clear View Nurser boasts that it prevents nipple collapse, which can occur when your baby's suction strengthens.