What to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant With Twins

The best indicator of whether you will have twins is your family history; twins run in some families. If you're trying to get pregnant, whether you will have twins is mostly out of your control, but there are some things you can do to try to increase your chances.

About Twins

Because of fertility drugs, twin births have increased by 400 percent in the past 20 years, according to AmazingPregnancy.com. Today in the United States, 32 of every 1,000 births are twin births.

You conceive identical twins when one egg is fertilized, and then splits into two eggs, and you conceive fraternal twins when two eggs are released from the ovaries and they are both fertilized. If twins run in your family, especially fraternal twins on your mother's side, you are more likely to have twins. African-American women are also statistically more likely to have twins than women of any other race, according to AmazingPregnancy.com.

Food and Medications

The Pregnancy Health Center suggests that women who eat dairy regularly are five times more likely to conceive twins than women who don't consume dairy at all, but doctors aren't sure why 2. So, if you are trying to conceive twins, do not give up dairy. If your doctor says it's okay, you may even want to increase your dairy intake. Another food that you wouldn't want to give up is yams. Some people think that eating yams may also increase your chances of having twins, and this is because women in an African tribe eats a diet rich in yams have the highest twin birth rate in the world, according to the Pregnancy Health Center 2.

As with any kind of pregnancy, you want to avoid in early development foods that may be harmful to your baby, such as undercooked meats or eggs, soft cheeses, excess vitamins A, C or D in your diet, and anything with caffeine, such as coffee or black tea.

You also will want to avoid cigarette smoke (even secondhand), drugs or alcohol, the medication Ibuprofen and possibly allergy medications. If you're trying to conceive, you should visit your doctor, so you can talk about what substances to avoid.


If you really want to conceive twins, you may want to avoid getting pregnant early in life 2. According to Amazing Pregnancy, women are most likely to conceive twins later in life, when their hormones and the way their bodies release eggs, are more irregular and releasing two eggs at a time is more likely 2.

Avoid sex early in your ovulation cycle. If you wait until later in your cycle, releasing two eggs is also more likely.