Area Summer Camps

Behavioral Modification Summer Camps for Teens in Texas

Resolution Ranch

Resolution Ranch ( is a therapeutic residential facility for 13- to 17-year-olds. It offers a variety of camp programs aimed to bring positive change to the lives of teenagers. Set on a 500-acre ranch between Dallas, Houston and Austin, the ranch provides therapeutic treatment on all levels of need, according to the ranch's website. Its philosophy is an alternative to a traditional boot camp; it uses a family oriented approach in a nurturing environment. Counselors mentor and challenge the teens to adopt appropriate behavior. Peer-group therapy sessions are also employed to reinforce positive change.


The Texas Network of Youth Services ( offers a program called PEAKS Camp. An acronym for Physical and Environmental Activities for Knowledge and Skills, PEAKS is designed for at-risk youth to learn through structured experience and positive interaction. Trained workers lead the youth and their adult sponsors on four-day camp programs aimed to enhance self-awareness, discover strengths and increase self-esteem. The program seeks to develop problem-solving and relationship skills, and leadership ability. PEAKS is in Austin.

Pegasus Schools

Pegasus Schools Inc. ( is a residential treatment center in Lockhart for neglected and abused boys. The overall treatment program is in a camp setting that provides residents guidance and education for a variety of problems associated with neglect and abuse, including behavioral issues. Part of the ongoing treatment program is an experiential and outdoor camping program in the summer. The program includes fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing, camping, hiking and backpacking. While camping, the boys learn many valuable wilderness skills.

Get Motivated Boot Camp

Get Motivated Boot Camp ( in Aubrey provides two week camp programs through the summer for 12- to 17-year-olds. The emphasis in this program is the belief that structure is the foundation for success with teens and their parents. The camp aims to bring together troubled teens and families to promote healing and understanding through a structured, "boot camp" style environment. Group interaction is also a part of the camp.

Army Summer Camps for Kids

Camp St John's Northwestern

Camp St John's Northwestern, located in Wisconsin, is a military-style camp for boys that is billed as a "high-energy adventure camp." The camp focuses on a variety of military skills training, including areas such as physical endurance and leadership. Activities at the camp include archery, fishing, paintball, and golf, and areas of further focus include marksmanship, rope bridging, and water survival. The camp has a maximum age of 16, and a minimum age of 11. A two-week program, the camp actually dates back to the late 19th century.

Camp St John's Northwestern

1101 Genesee St.

Delafield, WI 53018


US Army Cadet Corps' Military Adventure Camp

The United States Army Cadet Corps' (USAC) Military Adventure Camp is a U.S. Army-sponsored military camp for boys and girls. The cadet program itself dates back to the early 1900s, and since the late 1990s has been offering summer programs for youngsters looking to pursue a military-oriented future. The camp provides a "hands-on" experience for those wanting to understand the importance, nature, and activities of the Armed Forces. Programs offered at the camp include a Basic Cadet Training program, a four-week Cadet Ranger School program, a three-week Basic Leader Program and a one--week Cadet Pathfinder Program, which focuses on survival skills, among other summer programs. The age requirement for attendance is 13 through 18 years of age, and the camp is located in small-town Kentucky.

US Army Cadet Corps' Military Adventure Camp

Millersburg, KY, USA


Oak Ridge Military Academy Leadership Adventure Camp

Located in North Carolina, the Oak Ridge Military Academy, the second oldest American military academy in operation, offers a summer leadership program for youth aspiring to begin a career in the military. The camp, open to both girls and boys, is two weeks long, and focuses on both leadership and physical training. Activities at the camp include paintball, team sports, and military-style drilling, while areas of focus include marksmanship and both confidence and leadership building. Two sessions are offered. The academy also runs an Academy High School Camp, held during three separate sessions in the summer, which focuses on academic subjects such as history, geometry, physical science and language studies. Both two-and-a-half and five-week sessions are offered.

Oak Ridge Military Academy

2317 Oak Ridge Road

Oak Ridge, NC 27310


Summer Camps for Teens in San Bernardino County, California

Wild Adventure

Perhaps your teen would benefit from an outdoor adventure. Crazzy's Wasewagon Camp and Retreat in Angelus Oaks offers all kinds of camps for teens in a wilderness setting. Teens up to age 16 can participate in leadership training, ropes courses, whitewater rafting, hiking, campfires, fishing, mountain biking and kayaking at the various camps offered. The Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Foundation provides wilderness camps in Big Bear. Teens will learn outdoor survival skills, take part in team-building activities, experience the ropes course and learn about the environment. Other activities include water sports, rock climbing, horseback riding, caving and astronomy viewing.

Calling All Athletes

For your teens who are inclined to participate in sports and athletics, it's a good idea to keep them involved during the summer. San Bernardino Valley College in San Bernardino features several sports camps for teens. The volleyball camp is led by the head coach of the team and covers all positions and skill levels. The basketball camp is for boys and girls up to age 15 and teaches the fundamentals of the sport. The city of Fontana runs a sports day camp for teens up to age 14. The daily schedule is busy with all kinds of sports activities, such as field hockey, soccer, basketball and dance fitness programs.

Camps that Specialize

If your teen has a specific interest, you may be able to find a camp that is just the right fit. The youth development organization, 4-H, focuses on the heart, health, hands and head. In Crestline, the 4-H Summer Camp takes place providing a variety of experiences for teens. They will learn invaluable lessons about the environment, handicrafts, sports and horticulture. In Running Springs, your teens can participate in Pali Adventures. It has 17 different themed summer camps including dance, culinary, broadcast, film, fashion, acting, Hollywood stunt and motor sports.

Christian-based Camps

There are a number of summer camps for teens that emphasis Christian principles while providing an exciting outdoor experience. Mile High Pines Christian Camp in Angelus Oaks features summer camp programs for teens that focus on team-building, friendships and fun with a Christian message. The facility features a ropes course, climbing wall, volleyball courts, basketball, horseshoes, a swimming pool and table games. Forest Home Camp in Forest Falls is another option featuring summer camps that focus on empowering, encouraging and strengthening teens based on Christian values. The program includes recreational activities and outdoor adventure.

Archaeology Camps for Teens

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez, Colo., gives teens age 14 and older the opportunity to work side-by-side with professional archaeologists. Teens will excavate at a real, working archaeological dig site in the Mesa Verde region learning about the Pueblo Indians that inhabited the area. This one-week camp features excavating, identifying artifacts, working in the research laboratory and touring Mesa Verde National Park. Campers are even given the opportunity to learn to spear throw like ancient Pueblo Indians.

Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions

These summer expeditions, which embark from Cottonwood Gulch in Albuquerque, N.M., feature treks across various portions of New Mexico for kids ages 10-18. Expeditions are designed to incorporate exploration of the natural world in the form of ecology, archaeology and paleontology. Naturalists accompany campers to provide guidance and assistance with anything that may interest the teen. The Paleontology Trek for ages 14 and older features a 13-day journey that includes excavating real dinosaur bones with a professional paleontologist.

Hickory Hill

Hickory Hill in Thomson, Ga., offers a camp called Dig History! that allows kids age 11-17 the ability to work alongside a professional archaeologist. Campers excavate at the former Jeffersonian Publishing Plant that Thomas E. Watson built in 1910. The site has been demolished so nothing remains on the surface. However, below the ground lie many artifacts waiting to be found by budding archaeologists.

Exploring Joara

Exploring Joara sponsors a hands-on summer camp in Morganton, N.C., where campers excavate a 16th-century Spanish colony site that disappeared 400 years ago. Working alongside professional archaeologists, kids age 8 and older perform hands-on activities, excavation, artifact analysis and watch ancient technology demonstrations. Teens help find new artifacts and learn to catalog them appropriately.

City of Alexandria

The city of Alexandria, Ga., has a rich history. To help cultivate interest in the past of the city, an archaeological summer day camp was established for kids ages 12-15. The camp provides teens the opportunity to work with a professional archaeologist at a real dig site in Alexandria. Students learn to excavate, catalog, record and process real artifacts using archaeology techniques. Students will learn about the city's past through analysis of the artifacts found and help uncover valuable historic resources.

Teen Summer Camps in Europe

Grand Earth Adventure: Spain and France

Are you looking for a summer camp experience filled with a new adventure every day? Try a trek through southern Europe on a Grand Earth Camping Adventure. Wilderness Adventures ( gives kids in grades nine to 12 the opportunity to kayak along the southern Spanish coast and explore the culture of Barcelona and Paris. Teens will hike through the Pyrenees experiencing rustic mountain villages while brushing up on their Spanish. Teens also will go whitewater rafting and hike in the Swiss and French Alps.

Bold Earth: Italy and Greece

For an outdoor camp adventure, a Bold Earth Teen Adventure ( is for you. This adventure begins in Athens, Greece. Teens visit the Parthenon and take an excursion to the site of the original Olympic Games. After taking a ferry to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, teens learn about the culture and architecture of the village of Positano. This trip ends with the amazing locations of Pompeii and Vatican City, where teens can experience the history and majesty of Rome.

Haut Lac International Summer Camp

If you are looking for a teen camp in Europe that combines a place of learning with traditional camp activities, consider the Haut Lac International Summer Camp ( Since 1987, the academic focus of this camp is language study, and the focus is on oral presentation. Campers spend four mornings each week in language classes with a maximum of 10 students per class. Students are also given many choices of extra-curricular activities, including kayaking, basketball and tennis.

Village Camps

The Village Camp ( program in France gives teens a unique camp experience along the banks of the Ardeche River in southern France. The surrounding area allows campers to explore mountain bike trails, hiking trails and historic caves. Campers have many activities to choose from each day, including football, beach volleyball, tennis, and arts and crafts. A highlight of the time spent at camp is a two-day descent of the Ardeche River in canoes. Campers get to spend the night under the stars.

What Should a Teen Girl Pack for Camp?


The clothes your teen will need for camp are straightforward, but extensive. She will need T-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks, several bathing suits, sneakers and sandals. In case the weather is chillier than expected, a few pairs of jeans and a couple sweatshirts are also a good idea, as is a laundry bag to keep all those items in as they get dirty. Trout Lake Camps suggests a rain jacket for outdoor activities in inclement weather.


Your daughter might need a sleeping bag, blankets, sheets and a pillow. A caddy for her shampoo, soap and body washes is also helpful so she can easily transport her toiletries back and forth from the shower. Several towels, for swimming and for showering, are also a good idea. If she has long hair, hair ties or headbands can be helpful for keeping her hair out of her face. She will probably also need a sturdy backpack for hiking.


Your teen will need sunblock to protect her skin and sunglasses for camping, and moisturizer if she has dry skin. Bug repellant usually comes in handy, too.

Things to Keep in MInd

All of the items you buy for camp should be as inexpensive as possible, this way no one will be heartbroken if an item is lost, ruined or stolen. Tell her to avoid taking items that have sentimental value for the same reason. When planning your teen's camping trip, ask whether teens are allowed to do laundry, and if so when. If your teen won't be able to wash her clothes for two weeks, she will need many pairs of socks and underwear to get her through, for instance. Encourage her to take a journal to record her experiences at camp. While expensive cameras aren't a good idea, ask whether she'd like to take along a disposable, single-use camera or two, if it's allowed. Find out what the camp's policy is on spending money, too.

Not Allowed

Every camp has its own rules, but some items that are always frowned on. Teens should not bring alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco to camp. Fireworks and weapons are also prohibited items for teen camps. Many teens also ban cell phones and electrical items such as hair straighteners or blow dryers, according to Omega Teen Camp.

Summer Basketball Camps for Kids in Wilmington, North Carolina

Believe to Achieve Basketball Camp

The city of Wilmington offers several summer camps each year, including the Believe to Achieve Basketball Camp for boys and girls ages 8 to 15. The camp meets for three hours for four days, and it costs $30 per student. The camp emphasizes building character while also teaching basic basketball skills and good sportsmanship.

UNCW Basketball Camps

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington hosts several sports camps during the summer, including one basketball camp for boys and one for girls. The team camps are offered to school teams that are participating together; they cost $275 for four days, which includes eight games plus lodging and meals. Campers are also provided a T-shirt and beach time. Games are divided by age level and ability. Day camps are also available for boys.

Brett Blizzard Basketball Summer Camps

Blizzard Athletics offers three summer basketball camps: one for boys ages 10 to 14, one for girls ages 10 to 14, and one for both boys and girls ages 8 to 14. All camps meet for 3 1/2 hours for four days and cost $130 per person. Camps teach kids basic game skills and provide opportunities for kids to play in both a fun and competitive environment.

Halo Sports Basketball Camp

Impact Church hosts this and other camps as a way to encourage young people through sports. Basketball camp lasts five days and it is divided into two age groups: 5 to 9 and 10 to 13. The cost for the week is $100, and the camp meets for three hours each day. In addition to promoting friendship and camaraderie, the camp teaches kids basic skills such as shooting, passing and dribbling through contests and games. Because the camp is sponsored by a church, religious themes are raised.

Kids' Golf Camps in VA

1757 Golf Club in Dulles, VA

The 1757 Golf Club, in Dulles, is a camp taught by tournament winning GA/LPGA Class A golf instructors. The camp caters to kids ages 5 to 15, and classes are separated into age groups. Participants will use a grass teeing area, sport turf, two short game greens and a large putting green. Premium range balls are used at the camp and are provided to participants. Also included is video analysis, daily drills and interactive games to work on golf principles. Participants will work on swing fundamentals used in driving and putting. Daily quizzes and games are used to demonstrate skills used and to aid in the retention of material covered. The camp has an 8 to 1 student-teacher ratio, and has both full and half day camp.

NIke Golf Camp, WIlliamsburg

The Nike Golf Camp, in Williamsburg at the University of William & Mary campus, is an overnight camp. Students play daily with instructors, either nine or 18 holes at the Williamsburg National Golf Club. Nike packages are provided, which include a Nike hat, one dozen Nike golf balls, a workbook to be used at camp and a Nike golf bag tag. The camp also includes night-time outings to play miniature golf and a field trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

Reston National Golf Camp

The Reston National Golf Camp is in the northern Virginia city of Reston. The camp has several options for campers, including half-day or full-day camp. Full-day campers can choose an advanced option that provides Nike products. The package includes Nike products such as golf balls, golf hat, glove and shirt. Girls can attend a females-only camp, if they wish. The Reston National Golf Camp offers 35 hours of instruction for full-day camps, and 15 hours of instruction for half-day camp. On-course strategy training is provided, as is video analysis for advanced camp participants.

4 Stars Camp at University of Virginia

The 4 Star Camp is in Charlottesville at the campus of the University of Virginia. This camp is run by PGA/LPGA golfers, and includes three hours of instruction four days per week. Campers will play daily on the Birdwood Golf Course on the campus of the University of Virginia. Camp participants will receive a workbook, end of camp analysis with recommendations for improvement, and video analysis of their play. Classes are small, and camp participants are grouped by skill level. Campers can attend classes for one week, or sign up for multiple weeks. Options are available for day camp only or kids can participate in overnight camps. For overnight campers, evening activities are often planned.

Summer Camps in Southern Maine for Teenagers

Sports Camps

Revolution Field Hockey Camps at the University of New England provide residential camps for teens to polish their field hockey skills under the direction of coaches from area colleges. At Bridgton Sports Camp, campers “major” in the sport of their choice while enjoying a traditional camp experience. Majors include soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball and baseball. Camp Cedar, a boys’ camp in Casco, is a sports camp specifically for boys, providing four- and seven-week sessions. Though teens do not specialize in a particular sport at this camp, they can participate in more than 50 activities.

Boys Camps

In addition to Camp Cedar, southern Maine offers other boys’ summer camps. At Netop Summer Camp in Casco, boys ages 8 to 15 participate in team sports, music, arts and wilderness trips on the camp’s 100-acre campus. Winona Camps, on the shores of Moose Pond in Bridgton, offers boys a choice of activities including swimming, canoeing, sailing, archery, horseback riding and team sports. Camp Wildwood, also in Bridgton, specializes in providing an individualized experience for each camper. Wildwood is managed by brothers, and one of the brothers attended the camp as a child.

Girls Camps

Southern Maine also has several girls’ camps. Camp Arcadia in Casco, has been holding summer camps for nearly 100 years on 365 acres, offering two-week, four-week and seven-week camps along with a one-week session and a family camp. Camp Pinecliffe, also nearly 100 years old, is a full-season summer camp for girls. It is a family run camp with third- and fourth-generation directors, featuring a structured choice program in which campers take on more responsibility for their daily schedules as they get older. The Summer Camp, in Bridgton, provides camp experiences for rural and urban low-income girls and those in foster care. This camp’s sessions focus on areas such as leadership skills and literacy.

Co-ed Camps

Teens who want a more traditional co-ed camp experience can find such camps in southern Maine. Kingsley Pines offers two- or three-week sessions designed to give campers a complete camp experience without spending a whole summer. Teens have a packed daily schedule but get to choose from more than 30 camp activities in a relaxed, non-regimented atmosphere. At Camp Tapawingo, campers are encouraged to try new activities such as challenging themselves on wilderness trips. This camp offers eight water activities in addition to the TAP Fishies competitive swim team.

Things to Do With Children in Camp Hill, PA

Water Activities

Camp Hill Borough's municipal pool is open throughout each summer, providing a place for kids to splash away the hot summer days. Families who live in Camp Hill or own property there can swim at a lower resident rate, but the pool is open to non-residents. However, a pool member must accompany nonresidents. The pool is open to families every afternoon. The borough also offers several scuba classes for kids ages 8 and up, designed to introduce them to the sport and teach them basic scuba skills.

Classes and Events

Camp Hill's recreation department hosts dozens of activities, events and sports leagues each year for kids, adults and families. In the late spring, the Annual Kite Festival showcases different kinds of kites and allows kids to make their own. Camp Hill is also home to a Memorial Day parade and musical entertainment in Willow Park during several lunch hours in the summer. Children can also participate in tennis lessons, soccer camps, girl's basketball or field hockey camp, co-ed volleyball camp or summer day camp through the recreation department.

Indoor Activities

Children ages 2 to 12 can enjoy some indoor fun at Monkey Joe’s, an inflatable play place that offers inflatable slides, jumps and obstacle courses. At ABC Lanes in nearby Harrisburg, kids can bowl in bumper bowling lanes designed to keep the bowling balls out of the gutters. The bowling alley also has cosmic bowling where families can bowl with the lights turned down in a nightclub-like atmosphere. At Fountainblu Skating Arena in New Cumberland, kids can skate to a live DJ with club-style lighting and fog and participate in skating games and prizes. For new skaters, the arena offers a mini rink and skating trainers.


At Harrisburg’s Whitaker Center for Science, kids can enter a kid-sized cityscape, examine how weather and geology impact the planet, enjoy live science theater performances and watch a movie in the center’s IMAX theater. The center even features interactive, life-sized, robotic dinosaurs. At the State Museum of Pennsylvania, children can learn about the region’s history, from pre-historic geology to Civil War battlegrounds. The museum offers a planetarium, scavenger hunt and a hands-on play environment for kids.

Teen Summer Camps Near Roseville, California

Miss Hannigan's Summer Camp for Kids

Miss Hannigan's Summer Camp for Kids ( offers day camps for children ages 4 to 15 at the Roseville Theatre Arts Academy. The two-week summer camps include lessons on a variety of performance techniques such as improvisation, voice training, acting skills and comedy. The Broadway Summer Camp will let your teen star shine in a Broadway review. At the performance, family, friends and the community get to witness his newly learned talents.

Teen Scene

The City of Roseville Parks and Recreation Department ( offers Teen Scene day camp for those entering grades seven through nine. Teen Scene meets Monday through Friday at Buljan Intermediate School. On-site, fun theme weeks and engaging activities take place. Off-site, three planned field trips a week occur, including swimming once a week. Other field trip destinations can include rock climbing, laser tag, six flags, paintballing and ice skating.

Water Activity Camps

The City of Roseville offers a Junior Lifeguard Camp at the Roseville Aquatics Complex. Kids from 10 to 14 years of age can learn about water safety, accident prevention, fitness information, fast response, leadership and work professionalism. The program is based on the American Red Cross Guardstart Lifeguarding. Water Polo Camp also is at Roseville Aquatics Complex. Kids ages 7 to 14 years old can learn individual and team defensive and offensive skills, and participate in drills and games.

Walton's Grizzly Lodge

Walton's Grizzly Lodge ( is in Portola, California, about 130 miles southwest of Roseville. The private lakeside location offers lots of activities in a co-ed, sleepover camp. Campers can choose from activities such as horseback riding, fishing, archery, waterskiing, windsurfing, swimming, and arts and crafts. A dining lodge serves three meals a day, and fully enclosed cabins with electricity offer a cozy place to sleep. The standard camp is for kids up to 14 years of age, and a select program for previous campers ages 13 to 17 is available.

Secret Agent Camps for Kids


Secret agent camps are offered throughout California. Pali Adventures offers an assortment of specialty camps in Southern California -- including a secret agent camp. The camp offers one-week and two-week sessions, which include activities such as spy games, paintball, zip lines and code deciphering. The camp is open to children and teenagers. Trackers Secret Agent Academy is a day camp for children in Berkeley. During the camp, your child will practice martial arts, unlock codes and discover new languages.

Eastern United States

Visit the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, and enroll your child in the museum’s spy camp. Kids learn the science behind being a secret agent by discovering how to break codes, learn escape techniques and create their own gadgets. The camp is open to children ages 10 to 13. Camp Lohikan -- located in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania -- offers a summer spy camp. The resident camp offers activities such as paintball, rope courses, martial arts and code breaking. Although there is no minimum age for the camp, children must be entering grade 5 to participate in the paintball experience.

Other Locations

The Valley of the Sun YMCA -- located in Phoenix, Arizona -- offers a secret agent summer camp to youth ages 12 to 16. The residential camp takes place at Camp Sky-Y and offers secret agent activities such as paintball, surveillance strategy and night games. Kids Science Labs is a Chicago-based venue that provides kids with hands-on activities that cultivate an interest in science. Summer day camps are offered at Kids Science Labs – including spy camps -- to children ages 4 through 12.

Mad Science Camps

Mad Science is an organization that teachers children the wonders of science with locations across the United States and internationally. Mad Science of Minnesota offers a spy camp for children ages 7 to 12. Campers learn to use technology, solve a crime with forensic equipment and create their own security system. In Maine, Mad Science campers use equipment to collect and analyze crime evidence, break codes and create edible messages. The camp also teaches kids how to stay focused and use the power of observation to solve a mystery.

Summer Camps for Teen Girls in Arkansas

Music Camps

The University of Arkansas offers a summer music camp for students who were enrolled in a band, orchestra or choir program during the school year. The camp features six hours of instruction per day with options for private lessons with nationally recognized teachers. Upon completion of camp, students will perform a concert for friends and family. Arkansas Tech University also offers a band program for band and orchestra students. The program is split into sections for middle school, junior high and senior high students. University of Central Arkansas has a summer music camp specifically for string students. The week-long program is for violin, viola, cello and double bass students.

Sports Camps

The University of Arkansas offers basketball camp for teen girls. The camp is offered for both junior and varsity level players and gives players a chance to play with new team members and improve their skill set over the summer. University of Central Arkansas Nike Tennis Camp offers five to six hours of tennis instruction per day and is available for players of all levels.

Outdoor Camps

Rogers, Arkansas, is home to Outdoor Adventure Camp for teens ages 13 to 15. Campers will be learn to kayak on Beaver Lake, try skills in wilderness survival and experience many more outdoor activities. New Life Ranch offers summer camp options for teens. The camp features a variety of activities including archery, riflery, swimming, disc ball and canoeing. Specialty programs are also available in horsemanship, horse vaulting, mountain biking and rappelling.

Other Camps

The University of Arkansas offers a female-only engineering camp for teens entering their eighth or ninth grade year who attend a Project Lead the Way affiliated school. Girls will explore engineering through hands-on activities. Camp Ozark is a Christian camp that offers a wide variety of programs from crafting, swimming, daily devotional, camp-wide dances and social activities. Camp Ozark offers special activities exclusive to the older teen campers. They receive a later lights out time and their own chow hall and social activities.

Summer Programs for Kids in Greensboro, North Carolina

The Arts

The Greensboro Ballet offers inclusive summer programs for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Children ages 3 to 12 can attend weeklong programs at the Cultural Arts Center. Participants improve motor skills and make crafts. Some of the themes are princesses, flowers and fairies and birds and butterflies. Dedicated dancers ages 10 to 12 can work and improve skills during the summer months in the Young Dancer's Workshop. Eastern Musical Festival camps introduce kids to diverse musical genres such as African drumming and mountain bluegrass. Participants ages 4 to 11 interact with professional musicians, play instruments and learn the music recording process.

Science and Math

Kids can attend Mad Science Camps at Bur Mil Park and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. This camp encourages discovery learning, where campers use their five senses to learn science. There are daily physical events and hands-on activities. Kids can attend either three hour or full-day sessions. Some of the themes for the elementary-aged campers are LocoMotion, Red Hot Robots and Super Duper Science Sampler. Mathnasium summer camps turn math into interactive summer activities. Kids explore math while shopping, playing games and completing projects and puzzles.

Nature Camps

Located in southeast Greensboro, Camp Weaver is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests, which are characteristic of the region. Day camp is an excellent opportunity to gain an introduction to camp culture before experiencing overnight camp. First graders through ninth graders attend day camps filled with water and land activities, which include archery, a water zip line, kayaking and a ropes course. Camp Joy is a camp dedicated to serving campers with special needs. Campers, ages 5 and older, choose one or two week sessions at Hagan Stone Park's trails and playgrounds. Trained staff, volunteers and an on-duty nurse support campers while swimming, playing sports and participating in talent shows.

Sport Camps

Burmil and Bryan Parks in north Greensboro host the Precision Golf School and Tennis Academy. Instructors give campers tests to evaluate levels on day one. Campers develop skills and gain needed practice during the summer months. Kids practice golf skills on champion level golf courses. Campers learn gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading and many more activities at Tumblebees Summer Camps. Each camp meets once a week for nine weeks. Courses offerings are available for toddlers up to adolescents.

Summer Day Camps for Kids in Monroe, Washington

Monroe Boys & Girls Club Summer Camps

The Boys & Girls Club Monroe offers summer day camps for children from kindergarten through high school. The camp runs in weeklong sessions with a different theme each week. During your child’s week at camp, they will participate in traditional camp activities and games, do arts and crafts and focus on activities surrounding that week’s theme. The cost of camp varies depending on your child’s age, but the fee does include all snacks, supplies and field trips.

Sky River Day Camp

This day camp is for girls only and is a part of the Girl Scouts program. Your child does not have to be a Girl Scout, but if she is not, you will be required to pay an additional fee for her to register as one in order to participate in camp. Sky River Day Camp is held at Fox Farm and is a weeklong camp where girls will play games, sing songs, build a campfire, learn about cooking and animals, and make friends. This camp teaches girls confidence, courage and character through hands-on activities, games and spending time with friends. Sky River Day Camp is for girls entering first grade and up.

Sky Valley Academy Summer Day Camp

Sky Valley Academy is a cheerleading, gymnastics and taekwondo instructional facility that also offers summer day camps. Available camps include gymnastics, cheerleading and stunting, parkour and tumbling, and hip hop and break dancing. Children are required to wear athletic shoes and clothing each day. You can choose to send your child to camp for one day or five days per week and either full-day or half-day. In addition to learning basic skills about the particular camp they are enrolled, children will also take field trips to places such as Lake Tye, the Reptile Zoo, the movie theater or Comcast Arena.

Skyhawks Summer Sports Camp

If your child is a sports lover, Skyhawks Summer Sports Camp is the perfect choice. Children must be between the ages of 4 and 14 to attend this weeklong camp. You can choose from sports camps such as lacrosse, basketball, golf, cheerleading, flag football, soccer, tennis or baseball, or you can choose to enroll the child in a multi-sport camp where kids learn three sports during one camp session. Skyhawks sports camps are designed for kids of all skill levels, whether they are just learning a sport or want to master certain skills in a sport they’re already familiar with.

Overnight Teen Camps Nearest Spring, Texas

Sports Camps

At the Sam Houston State University, 30 minutes away in Houston, your teen can attend one of the overnight football camps. Teens will participate in full-contact drills, scrimmages and activities during the day, conducted by staff made up of college football players and major college coaches. In the evenings, campers can try an assortment of activities and listen to speakers talk about football. A Nike Tennis Camp is also offered to teens at the University of Houston. During the course of this overnight teen camp, you teen will receive instruction from the University of Houston head tennis coach and expert staff, which includes five to six hours of tennis every day of camp.

Educational Camps

If you're looking for something more educational for your teen to do in the summer, check out the Wonder Space Tech Camp, 30 minutes away in Houston. Teens can choose from an array of residential camps, such as Java Programming, C++ Programming, 3D Game Design, Advance Game Modding and XCode Programming for Mountain Lion. Or, your teen can sign up for one of the iD Tech Camps through the University of Houston, choosing from Video Game Design, iPhone App Development, video editing or programming. Evening activities include local outings, gaming and movie nights.

Church Camps

Some church camps can be found near Spring. At the Outback Summer Camp of Pine Cove, about 90 minutes away in Columbus, teens can enjoy crazy dances, skits, swimming, Bible study, sports and theme nights. This overnight camp is for teens up to 10th grade. Alternatively, your teen could attend Cho-Yeh Christian Summer Camp, about 80 minutes away in Livingston. Teens will get to participate in activities such as wake boarding, horseback riding, paintball, archery, cheerleading and dodgeball. Your family can go for a visit to see what your teen has been up to at Family Fun Day.

Adventure Camps

Teens looking for an adventure this summer can go to one of the nearby adventure summer camps. At the Kidventure Safari Overnight Camp, three hours away in Austin, your teen will be challenged, go on adventures and learn about leadership and community service. Activities include caving, rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking and backpacking. Epic Adventure Teen Adventure Camp is three hours away in San Marcos and is a 100 percent outdoor teen adventure camp. Teens who attend this overnight camp will go rafting, fishing, rock climbing, camping and exploring in the wilderness.

Activities Done at Children's Summer Camps

Traditional Camp Activities

These are time-honored classic activities many people associate with summer camp, such as archery, swimming, hiking and canoeing. Many traditional summer camps also include artistic activities like beading and nature drawing, as well as more adventuresome endeavors for older kids like windsurfing, water skiing and rock climbing. Sports like tennis, soccer, horseback riding and gymnastics are also available at many traditional day and overnight summer camps. Always read the fine print below activities, as some camps charge an additional fee for activities requiring particularly close personal instruction, like horseback riding and water skiing.

Art Camp Activities

Summer camps that focus exclusively on the arts are available for children of every age. And, while children attending these camps may never hold a canoe paddle, they'll have the opportunity to participate in everything from water color painting and print making, to crushing berries found on a nature hike and making their own dyes. Dramatic instruction and jewelry making are hands-on activities appropriate for every age group. Activities involving expensive equipment, such as photography or film making, may be available to older children.

Academic Based Camp Activities

Academic camp activities bridge the gap between material taught outside or in a classroom and real-world applications. Children may create lipstick and hair gel in a chemistry lab by using chemical equations and physics. Attending a camp devoted to the study of marine life may involve collecting and categorizing seaweed and shells found on the beach and in tidal pools. A camp focused on history may have kids reenact a particular battle or coup over the course of several days.

Sports Camp Activities

Camps focused entirely on a single sport such as swimming or soccer offer activities designed to improve the campers performance and understanding of that particular sport or athletics in general. Activities for a specific sport camp, like swimming, might include strengthening sessions devoted entirely on strengthening the core muscles, filming and analyzing a child's technical form or attending discussions/lectures about nutrition and stretching. Campers at a general sports camp might spend the entire day rotating through several very different sports such as basketball, tennis, swimming and lacrosse.

Summer Camps for Children With Food Allergies in New England

Do Your Homework

Parents of children with food allergies always need to be vigilant, and the camp selection process is no different. Make sure that the camps you are considering cater to the type of allergy your child has. Call each camp that you are interested in. Tell the camp specifically what your child’s allergies are, and ask about how meals are prepared and how the camp handles emergencies. Ask for references and call other parents whose children have gone there. Involve your child in the process in an age-appropriate way.

Sleepover Camps

Camps Everwood and Evergreen in Wilmont, New Hampshire. are brother-sister camps for ages 8 to 15. The camps are peanut- and tree nut-free, and can provide gluten-, soy- and dairy-free menus. Campers can only make day trips to peanut-free locations. Camp runs for 7 weeks, with a 4-week option for first time campers. Camp Emerson in Hinsdale, Massachusetts is a nut-free camp that supports dairy, nut wheat, soy egg and fish allergies, and offers gluten free foods. The camp employs a registered dietitian to work with families to individualize menus for each child. The camp offers 2-, 4-, or 6-week sessions for boys and girls ages 7 to 15.

Specialized Camps

Some camps cater to those with specific allergies, intolerances or conditions. Camp Celiac in North Scituate, Rhode Island is a sleepover camp for kids with celiac disease, ages 8 to 16. Camp Celiac does not cater to other food allergies. Camp Common Ground in Starksboro, Vermont is a family camp that is all vegetarian, with vegan offerings and a special gluten-free camp. Youth Empowered Action Camp in Charlton, Massachusetts offers a one-week session for ages 12 to 17. The camp is all vegan, so the camp does not use any eggs or milk, and the camp accommodates other food allergies and intolerances.

Before Your Child Leaves For Camp

Once you have decided on a camp, you should do several things before your child leaves, according to Allergy Home. Call the director to discuss your child’s individual needs. Make sure that you complete the camp’s health form with as much detail as possible, and include a treatment plan from your child’s doctor is you have one. Understand the camp’s medication policy and make sure you know what procedures they will follow in an emergency. Educate your child as to which foods are safe to eat, and make sure he knows not to share food or eat food that another camper brings from home.