How to Add Liquid to Wipes

When changing a messy diaper, little is more frustrating than finding the container of baby wipes has been left open and the wipes are bone dry. Don't fret. You can take a few household items to moisten those wipes and have them better than new. The basic components for your baby-wipe liquid are water, a skin-softening agent, a cleanser and a fragrance.

Remove the wipes from their plastic container.

Combine in the container 2 cups of distilled or boiled water that has cooled with 1 tbsp. of baby wash or shampoo and 3 tbsp. of baby oil or olive oil.

Add to the mixture three drops of an essential oil, like chamomile or lavender, for fragrance.

Close the container lid and shake gently to mix.

Open the container and put in the dry wipes.

Close the container and invert for several seconds, giving the liquid a chance to filter through the dry wipes.

Return the container to an upright position. Open the container and ensure that the wipes are wet. If not, close and invert the container again until all wipes are moistened.

Rethread wipes from the center through the opening in the lid if you are using a cylindrical container of baby wipes.


Experiment with different essential oils for different fragrances. Replace baby oil with lanolin oil or other oil-based products to find a mixture that suits your needs and preferences.


Always ensure your baby is not allergic to any products you mix together for the wipe liquid.