Activities for Toddlers in Forest Hills, New York

By Ann Daniels
Share your passion for reading with your toddler by visiting the Forest Hills library.
Share your passion for reading with your toddler by visiting the Forest Hills library.

Forest Hills is bustling neighborhood in Queens, New York, that has an assortment of venues to entertain your tot. Whether you want to introduce her to the arts, get a little exercise or have a relaxing afternoon at a historical theater, Forest Hills has a lot to offer.


Enjoy a day the Forest Hills Library with your toddler and cultivate your child’s interest in reading. Discover new picture books together by signing up for a library card and checking out books. The library also hosts an assortment of activities and events that are geared for young children, including regular story times that children are encouraged to participate in. The Forest Hills library also hosts activities with games, coloring and crafts.

Central Queens YMCA

The Central Queens YMCA has classes and activities for parents to enjoy with their toddlers. Parents or caregivers must be present to participate in the classes. Programs offered allow children to run, jump and play on slides, bridges and gym equipment. These activities are designed to help your child develop his coordination and listening skills. You can also enjoy open play gym times.


Take your child to see the newest cartoon or kids’ movie. The Forest Hills Cinemart theater was built in 1925. Theater has just three screens, so the variety is limited. A discounted ticket price is available for all shows starting before 5 p.m. on weekdays -- with the exception of holidays. Discounted tickets are also available for children under 12 years of age. You also can enjoy a light meal or beverage with your toddler before or after the movie in a lounge area that comes with a fireplace.


Take your child to Oliloli to express her creativity. The arts and craft studio is a kid-friendly venue where you can choose your own pottery and paint it. Your toddler can choose from among pottery pieces such as piggy banks, mugs and figurines. It’s a place to meet up for a play date or to spend one-on-one time with your child. When you finish painting, Oliloli fires your pottery piece in a kiln for pick-up at a later date.

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