Activities to Do With Your Teenage Sons

Your teen son's need to hang with his best buds doesn't mean that you are left out in the cold. Although your teenager is growing his sense of independence and often seems to prefer his social circle over his family, he still needs to spend time with Mom and Dad. Whether that involves a day out at the ballpark or getting sporty on the soccer field, there are an array of activities to do with your teenage sons.

Sporting Events

Unlike your 5-year-old who may become bored before the seventh inning stretch, your teen sons can eagerly sit through an afternoon -- or evening -- at the ballpark or other sporting event. Choose an athletic activity that matches your teen's interests. If your teenager is the high school quarterback, take him to a pro football game. Other easy-to-find sporty options include hockey, basketball and baseball. Don't isolate your sporting event choices to the pro's. College-level sports are often less expensive than professional games when it comes to buying tickets and can give your teen a picture of what he has to look forward to in a few years.

Sports Play

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adolescents should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day 1. Help your teen sons get this health requirement in with a few sports play activities. You can help your teen practice his pitching at the local batting cage before the big game, take a spin with him around the ice rink as prep for his next hockey game or simply try a fun-filled afternoon backyard game of soccer or flag football.

Movie Night In

While a night out on the town taking in a movie at your local multi-plex sounds like a joy to you, your teen sons may not always feel like hanging out in public with Mom or Dad. Instead of taking it personally, suggest a movie night in. Your teen can choose the flick and help you prepare movie snacks such as flavored popcorn. Give your teen a selection of movies to pick from that include genres that boys may enjoy such as horror or action titles. As an added bonus, you'll save on cash by keeping the movie night at home instead of out in the expensive theaters.

Laser Tag

Gather your teen son and his friends together for a fun-filled day at the laser tag arena. Instead of sitting on the side lines, join in and help lead one of the teams to victory. Laser tag provides teens with a way to strategize and compete against one another without the risk of accidents or injuries from aggressive physical contact. Another laser tag option is to organize a parents vs. teens friendly competition. Have each boy bring mom or dad, and play a few rounds to see who comes out on top.