Activities for Teens in the Cold & Wet Weather

Keep boredom blues away for your teen with fun indoor activities.

Cold and wet weather can cause treacherous conditions, which can destroy outdoor games and activities for a teenager. Though he will be disappointed, there is a plethora of indoor activities he can engage in with you or a few friends. Show your teen that he can still have plenty of fun indoors with several types of activities.

Indoor Beach

The disastrous weather outdoors will give your teen the ideal opportunity to create an indoor oasis. Help your teen and her friends bring the beach atmosphere to your living room, her bedroom or an indoor open area. Let the teens dress in their swimsuits and sunglasses. Beach towels can be placed on the floor and umbrellas can be put up for teens to relax under. Play some tropical-themed music to complete the atmosphere. Beach balls can be gently tossed around, and teens can make their own sand-art creations by layering colored sand in plastic bottles or jars. Set up a smoothie bar with a blender and assorted tropical fruits for the teens to make their own fruit smoothies.

Cooking Contests

The wet and cold weather will allow a teen to show off his food preparation and cooking skills to family and friends. Allow him to have full range of the kitchen to cook a family meal. He must use the food products on hand to create an appetizer, main course and dessert. He can use family recipes or online recipes as inspiration for his dishes. Give him an allotted amount of time to complete the meal and to clean up. Have him serve the meal and see if everyone's taste buds approve. For a different approach, have him compete against you. Decide on a dish that you both will create separately like lasagna or a cake. Other members can serve as the food testers.

Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt will have your teen going on an indoor adventure to find specific items. Create a list of items for a teenage to find around the house. To make the hunt quite difficult, the list should include clues but not the name of the actual item. For instance, instead of simply including "umbrella," write a clue such as "You put it up for protection or shade." Besides your home, a local mall can also offer a place for a scavenger hunt and protection from the weather. Give your teen and her friends a list of things to find out about the mall, like how many restaurants are in the food court or what stores carry a certain brand of perfume.

Movie Marathon

Movies will provide entertainment for a teen who is unable to participate in outdoor activities due to inclement weather. Transform your living room into a movie theater and show a series of themed, age-appropriate movies like romantic comedies, thrillers or chic flicks. Order movies through a cable service that will interest your teen and her friends and have not been previously viewed before. Dim lights and place chairs in a slant position. Set up a snack table in the room with popular movie treats like popcorn, cola and candy.