Activities for Groups of 2-4 Year Olds

Toddlers are at a stage in their lives where exploration enhances learning experiences. Presenting toddlers with stimulating activities contributes to development and learning. Keeping them entertained and engaged in a group setting also minimizes behavior issues. There are many activities you can do with groups of 2- to 4-year old children.

Obstacle Course

Develop an obstacle course that is developmentally appropriate for toddlers. Children in this age group have not yet developed strong fine motor skills, so set up activities that promote gross motor skills. These are skills that require bigger movements rather than more precise ones. Examples would be to place cones on the ground that the toddlers have to run in and out of or to ask toddlers to slide down a small slide. Line up the kids in a group and ask them to run through your obstacle course one by one. Be sure to have adequate supervision during this activity.

Coloring Pages

Toddlers need to develop fine motor skills further and coloring is one way to do this. Provide the group with various coloring pages that meet the interests of all members of the group. Allow them to choose their favorite coloring page and color it in any way they choose. Give the toddlers larger crayons or makers that make it easier for them to hold during the coloring process. When the activity is completed, encourage the young children to share their artwork with the group.

Color Grouping

Young children benefit from learning to identify their colors. Use the opportunity of being in a group setting to teach this concept to your children. Write the names of the basic colors on large sentence strips and give each child one of the color names. One by one, ask them to find an object of their color and to stand by it. This helps students make the connection between the word, the color and their surroundings. Repeat this activity giving a new color to each member of the group.

Clean-Up Activity

When a group of young children get together, there will be a mess to clean up afterward. Instead of doing this yourself, create a fun group activity that encourages children to clean up after themselves. Explain to the toddlers that when they hear music, they put things away, and when the music stops, they freeze in place. Play any children's CD and start and stop the music to keep the toddlers interested in the activity 1.