How Many Calories Should an Eight Year Old Boy Consume?

To ensure proper physical and mental growth and development, 8-year-old boys need to follow a healthy and well-balanced diet. To determine the boy’s daily calorie needs, carefully consider his current body proportion and activity levels. Also talk to your child's pediatrician to determine if your child is obtaining the nutrition he needs.

Calorie Recommendations

For boys, ages 4 to 8, the American Heart Association recommends that they consume approximately 1,400 to 1,800 calories per day. These calorie estimates are based on a sedentary lifestyle.

Activity Considerations

Eight-year-old boys who play sports or engage in regular physical activity require more daily calories to meet their bodies' energy needs. In fact, the Baylor College of Medicine website notes that a sedentary child’s calorie needs may increase substantially -- by one-third -- if he engages in just one hour of physical activity per day 2.

Weight Considerations

A child’s calorie needs also depend on his current height and weight. In most cases, a taller child requires slightly more calories than a shorter child. Similarly, an underweight child might require more daily calories than an overweight one.

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