How to Tie Your Shoes Step By Step for Kids

Learning to tie a shoe can be challenging for young children. Most children should learn to tie their shoes by the 1st grade, according to Parenting's website article titled "Time to Tie His Own Shoes." To help children concentrate and remember the steps, it can be very helpful to teach them a rhyme that describes each part of the process in a fun way 1. Sacred Heart Elementary School in Kingston, Massachusetts recommends the following song: "Build a tee pee, come inside, bring a friend. Close it tight so we can hide. Over the mountain, and around we go. Here’s my arrow, and here’s my bow"

Pull the laces across one another to form a triangle between the laces and the shoe. Say, "Build a tee-pee."

Hold the laces together where they cross and pass one of the ends under the triangle. Say, "Come inside."

Pass the end of the lace you just looped through the triangle around a second time and say, "Bring a friend."

Pull on either end of the shoelaces so that the place where the triangle was is cinched tight against the shoe. Say, "Close it tight so we can hide."

Wrap one of the ends of the laces around your index finger, and say "Over the mountain." Hold the lace together so that the loop stays in place. Withdraw your finger.

Wrap the other lace around the loop once. Say, "And around we go."

Stick the middle of the wrapped lace through the hole created by the loop. Say, "Here's my arrow."

Pull on both loops to tighten the knot and say, "Here's my bow."


Color the two ends of the laces different colors to make it visually easier for your child to see what's going on.