How to Write a Resume for Volunteer Work

Writing a resume is much the same whether it is for a paid job or as a volunteer. The people assessing applications require relevant information about the applicant, presented in an organized and concise manner. Providing unnecessary details can hurt as much as leaving out vital points. But a good resume can help you target a highly desirable position with an established charity.

Research your desired volunteer post. Most charity organizations are hungry for contributors. Do not assume it is necessary to overly impress in order to be accepted.

List your main attributes. Consider what your most powerful assets are, especially those directly relevant to the position you are seeking. Both work and home-related qualities are equally valuable, but prioritize the ones most relevant by listing those first.

Make a rough draft. Handwrite your initial points in a casual manner. Let ideas flow freely at first. You can eliminate what you don't want as you rewrite 1.

Leave the writing alone for a few days 1. Give yourself time to become refreshed so that you view the developing resume with a clear eye. Don't just read and re-read your work--this may cause you to view it in a numb and detached manner.

Type a finalized version: Return to your draft and put together a proper document encompassing all the necessary information clearly and concisely. Include contact details, work experience and your preferred job, but do not include irrelevant facts.

Proofread your resume carefully. Spell-check the document using the tool on your word processor, but also assess manually. Spell-checkers catch most proofing errors, but not all.

Before sending your resume to the recipient, let a friend, family member or neighbor read through it. Acting on their suggestions will likely improve the document beyond what a single person’s perspective can achieve.