How to Improve Mental Stamina

The demands placed on individuals in the workplace, during recreational activities and at home are immense. With the technological atmosphere that pervades every aspect of your life, information is accessible everywhere, and your attention is always focusing on multiple layers of data at all times. Improving mental stamina can offer help with filtering information into productive avenues, and sustaining creativity, curiosity and productivity within the daily lives of work, family and play. Through asserting effort in creative discussions with friends, or playing strategic games with the family, improving mental stamina can be enjoyable for everyone involved.

Read challenging material every night before bed. Reading stimulates creative analysis and develops vocabulary and thought patterns. Find literature with concepts and vocabulary you are not well versed in, to open your mind to new concepts, suggests experts at 1.

Debate political and economic issues with your peers regularly. A good debate to try to prove your point can tax your mind and help it grow. Find topics of interest as well as topics you are just becoming familiar with, and discuss them in depth to learn various insights from others.

Jog, run or bike-ride in the morning for 25 to 30 minutes each day. Being physically fit will effectively provide oxygen and nutrients to your brain that can stimulate brain function and stamina. Sustaining good levels of health also prevents harmful toxins or malfunctions from affecting proper blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

Play games every week that require strategy, analysis and endurance of thought, such as chess, Monopoly and/or card games, suggests experts with AARP. These games stretch mental capacity and improve mental stamina, similarly to how muscles develop strength through added stress of weight resistance.

Eat almonds, blueberries and walnuts throughout the day. These antioxidant-rich foods lower blood sugar, can improve cognition and help with sustaining consistent thoughts, say brain experts with The rich amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in the almonds and walnuts, combined with the antioxidants in the blueberries, can help your brain function optimally.