What Are the Benefits of Adventure Sports?

Adventure sports refers to activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, or kayaking, scuba diving, base jumping, the list goes on and on. What these endeavors have in common is a degree of risk, uncertainty and self-discovery. Today, adventure sports are known to teach people self reliance, teamwork and to leave their comfort zone. These elements can result in better health, improved self esteem and increased confidence that translates into all aspects of one's life.

Turning Exercise into Adventure

Getting cardiovascular exercise and training with weights or other activity is a great way to manage your fitness. However, taking your workout outside is a terrific way to cross train. Simply running on trails instead of an indoor track develops balance, uses more muscle groups and can take you on a journey in an uncontrolled environment that stimulates your brain with countless variables. Throw in some unpredictable weather and you'll recognize the thrill of beating the storm and making it back home safely.

Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many people may be reluctant to try things like mountain biking or scuba diving, thinking they don't possess the skills or ability to enjoy it. According to Openskywilderness.com, encouraging people to try new activities may result in them realizing things about themselves they did not know. A great way to build confidence and promote a positive attitude, getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes the only way you'll dig deep enough to break free of negative thinking.

Use What you Learn

Many sports, like technical rock climbing, back-country skiing or any other activity in a remote setting, rely on good communication skills, trust and teamwork. This helps people develop communication skills and learn to work together for a common goal. More often than not, in these tough conditions, those that help others are also helping themselves.

Benefits of Adventure

True adventure lovers look for the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn from their experiences. The emotional and physical benefits of adventure sports are impressive such as improved problem solving, increased health and a positive thinking. According to Openskywilderness.com, participants that complete their program of wilderness therapy finish with increased fitness, and a healthy emotional balance 1.

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