10 Ways to Stop Bullying

Bullying affects every aspect of your life. Bullies make you feel hurt, scared and lonely, and can even affect your schoolwork. According to The Nation's Health in 2010, studies show that around 15 to 25 percent of kids are being bullied on a regular basis, so you are not alone. It is a big problem that shouldn’t be ignored. Take simple steps to deal with bullies in order to make them stop 1.

Tell Someone

Telling someone about the bullying is the most important step in stopping it. Tell your parents, your teacher or a school counselor. You should not have to deal with the bully alone, especially since he could become violent 4.


Avoid the bully. You still need to carry on with your normal routine, such as attending school, but avoid situations where the bully typically picks on you. Say, for instance, the bully usually bothers you on your way home from school. Try to take a different route home and avoid him.

Be Brave

Acting brave can sometimes stop a bully. When you give an outward appearance of calm and don’t back down, the bully can see that you know how to stand up for yourself.

Don’t Fight Back

Fighting back only gives the bully what he is looking for -- your reaction 4. In addition, a violent reaction could get you in serious trouble. Stand your ground, but do not be antagonistic.

Find a Friend

Stick with a friend whenever you think you might run into the bully. He’s less likely to lash out at you when you have a someone by your side.

Don't Be Emotional

Don’t let your feelings or emotions show. If the bully makes you want to cry, don’t cry in front of him; this gives him the satisfaction that he’s hurt your feelings. Wait until you’re away from the incident and with someone you trust to show your feelings.


Feel good about yourself. Self-confidence often stops bullies in their tracks and helps keep you from being a potential target. Do whatever makes you feel good, like joining an after-school sport or an art club.

Walk Away

Walk away from the bully when he approaches you. Walking away takes a lot of confidence and this alone may deter a bully's attacks. Plus, by walking away, you’re telling the bully you don’t care about him or his actions.

Remove the Triggers

Take away whatever triggers the bully’s actions. For instance, if the bully demands your lunch money every day, start bringing your lunch instead. Figure out what instigates the bullying and avoid it.

Be a Friend

If you see another kid being bullied, stick up for him. A show of support emphasizes to a bully that his behavior won't be tolerated by his peers. Also, you will gain a friend in the process – a friend who will most likely help you out if you’re in the same position.