Wheelchair Bling for Kids

By Christina Schnell
Let your child choose some coloful covers or material for her wheelchair.
Let your child choose some coloful covers or material for her wheelchair.

Being in a wheelchair can be especially challenging for children, and the impersonal, utilitarian appearance of most standard wheelchairs doesn't add to the appeal. You can help brighten the experience by outfitting her wheelchair with festive bling and decorative accessories. Before you get carried away with glitter, though, you need to understand the safety and logistics associated with various sparkling additions.

Wheel Bling

Turn metal wheels into rings of bling with a few basic steps. Attach spoke guards featuring colorful, sparkling images, graphics or patterns to the exterior of the wheel. Spoke guards prevent objects from tangling in the spokes, but they also add a festive bling flare. You can also skip the spoke guard and place adhesive sparkles along the individual spokes to create an illuminated sphere when she turns her wheels.

Handle Bling

You don't want to cover the handles in faux rhinestones or anything else that impairs the grip, but that doesn't mean you can't add some sparkle to otherwise black handles. Wind a bejeweled dragon fly around the handle using floral wire or tie small sequined butterflies around the base of the handle so they sit on the sides of each handle rod. Avoid attaching anything dangling, which could get caught in something while the wheelchair is in motion.

Fabric Trim Sparkle

Bling can go beyond wheelchair hardware. Staple or glue iridescent or sparkle-infused ribbon along the edge of the fabric trim of the seat or the back of the wheelchair. Attach rhinestone-dotted ribbon on the outside of the back of the wheelchair, but avoid using rhinestones or glitter, or anything else that could irritate or scratch skin, on the actual seat. Fix sparkling decals at the along the ribbon for some extra bling.

Foot Rest Bling

Stick sparkly stickers around the outer edges of the foot rests or glue sparkling silken knots on the wheelchair frame leading down to each foot rest. Make a zig-zag pattern by gluing faux rhinestones around foot rests or where the foot rest meets the frame, but avoid having anything where her feet rest because that could make the foot-rest surface slippery or otherwise unstable. Don't attach anything dangling or hanging around the foot rests; it will get dirty quickly and potentially get caught on something in the wheelchair's path.

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