How to Use a Graco Snugride Travel System

By Mary Jo Megginson
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A travel system is a set that includes a stroller, car seat and car seat base, which allows you to transfer the car seat from car to stroller without removing or disturbing your baby. This can be particularly useful when moving a sleeping baby. The car seat usually has a handle and can be used as a baby carrier as well. Several of the major car seat companies sell such packages, including Graco Baby, which markets its popular SnugRide car seat as part of a travel system.

Attach SnugRide to Stroller

Recline the stroller seat back as far as it will go.

Place the car seat into the stroller facing the rear, and with the mounting notches lined up with the stroller tray.

Push down on the car seat until you hear a snap indicating that the latch has snapped into the tray.

Push canopy back to expose restraint latches on each side of the stroller. Rotate each one until it snaps the car seat into place.

Remove SnugRide from Stroller

Push the release button below each restraint latch to unlock it.

Rotate the restraint latches so they are no longer holding the car seat.

Squeeze the red release handle at the back of the car seat while lifting the car seat out of the stroller.

Using SnugRide in Vehicle

Place the car seat in a rear facing position on the base.

Push down on the seat until you hear a click. Pull up on it to make sure it is locked into place.

Press the handle adjustment buttons while rotating the car seat handle into the down position while the car seat is in your vehicle.

Remove the car seat by squeezing the red handle at the back of the car seat while lifting it.