How to Train a Furby

By Louise Lawson
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Furbies caused a worldwide shopping craze during the holiday season of 1998 and have continued to be a popular children’s purchase since their release. A small infrared sensor near the Furby’s eyes alert it to movement and it will open its mouth and talk. Small and covered in vibrantly covered fur, the Furby speaks its own language until it is trained to speak English. Training a Furby is not difficult, although it does take time and patience to transition it to understandable speech.

Step 1

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Set your Furby in an unobstructed area with a clear path to the sensor. The sensor is what tells the Furby that movement is happening and if it cannot see you moving, it will not respond properly.

Step 2

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Talk to your Furby in a clear voice. It will respond by talking back to you in Furbish, the first language programmed into it by the manufacturer. The more you speak to it and the more it learns, the more English it will speak.

Step 3

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Pet your Furby two times when it responds the way you want. Petting it twice is the signal to the toy that it did something right and it will continue to perform that action in the future.

Step 4

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Tickle your Furby three times and pet it once and it will tell you its name. The name might be difficult to decipher at first, but repeating this action will get the toy to respond again until you can understand the name.

Step 5

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Make a loud noise in front of your Furby and it will hum “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” You can yell or clap your hands and it will hum. Make sure you pet it twice to let it know it responded correctly.

Step 6

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Pick up your Furby and move it quickly back and forth. It will gasp and say “Wheeee” in an excited tone. Turn it upside down and it will hiccup. Make sure not to cover the sensor with your hands or your Furby will not respond.

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