Topics for Discussion for Preschoolers

By K. Nola Mokeyane
Creativity is best when trying to teach a preschooler something new.
Creativity is best when trying to teach a preschooler something new.

You can engage a preschooler in a wide world of topics, but make it a fun one for your little one. Play is more like work for toddlers and preschoolers because playing is how they learn, according to the University of Michigan Health System. Activities could be geared toward helping them with character development, proper self-care or making friends. Try to keep the discussions engaging because preschoolers have short attention spans and they probably have no problem telling you that your discussion is boring!


The importance of honesty is a discussion topic that never gets old, but be as creative in your angle as possible. Use books that show children who are being dishonest with parents or teachers, and what happens as a result. Another recommendation is to role-play with your child, full costume and all, while you and your child take turns being the tattle-tale teller and the authority figure. This teaches your child to be aware of the potential consequences of lying.


A discussion about responsibility will introduce her to your expectations. Discussions about responsibility could be centered on daily tasks such as setting the dinner table or feeding the household pets. While asking your child to help you feed Fido, you could explain the reason for feeding the dog at a particular time each day, as well as what happens if you forget to do so. Engaging your preschooler in a practical application of discussion topics helps the lesson sink into her brain.

Getting to Know Themselves

Talk about his body. Games such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes help younger preschoolers identify body parts. Simon Says is another game that can help a child identify body parts, and this game can also be adapted as the child develops a larger anatomical vocabulary. You can also use these types of activities to sneak in a lesson about proper hygiene, and how to avoid having a smelly body.

Making Friends

Trips to the playground are fantastic times to have discussions about making friends. You can use your child's experiences to help him understand his social behavior. If your child has potential to be the playground bully, you could teach him how to show kindness by extending a nice gesture to another child. If your preschooler is shy, teach him how to demonstrate courage by breaking the ice with other kids and saying "Hey, wanna play?"

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