Tips to Calm a Crying Newborn Baby to Sleep at Night

By Melissa Morang
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Having a baby is a wonderful time in a person's life. Caring for your baby can be difficult at times, however. There may be times when your baby gets fussy and does not go to sleep. The crying may cause you to become frustrated. You just need to take a few deep breaths and remember that babies need some extra attention and love. Make sure your baby's diaper is clean and that hunger is not a factor. Burp him to relieve excess gas. If he continues crying, try a few simple techniques to soothe him.

Rock Your Baby

Babies are used to movement while in the womb. Place the baby in your arms, while holding him close. Swivel back and forth at your hips. Another thing you can do is place your baby in a baby swing. The motion will eventually calm your baby. As a last resort, go for a ride with your baby. Strap her in the car seat and drive around for a half-hour, at least.

Wrapping and Swaddling

The act of swaddling actually mimics the womb. Your baby is used to a small, safe and snug environment. Wrap your baby in a thin blanket. Place his arms across his chest. Another alternative to swaddling is to wrap your baby next to you. Lie down and place your baby on your stomach. Put a warm blanket over both of you. Alternatively, buy a baby sling and place the baby in the sling to mimic a snug environment.


Use noise as a way to soothe your baby. Babies are used to noise in the womb. There are many ways to use noise to soothe your baby. One example is to turn on the vacuum. Another possibility is to turn on a fan. Play a recording of waves on the beach. These are called white noise sounds, which induce a calm feeling in the newborn baby.

Massage and Pat Your Baby

Give your baby a massage. According to WebMD, massaging a baby helps him sleep better and cry less. All you need to do is undress your baby. Gently rub his legs. Continue by rubbing his back. Don't forget to rub his arms along with his face. An alternative to massage is to gently pat your baby on the back or the buttocks. This also gives you a chance to bond with him. He will feel your love as you gently pat him and speak softly to him.

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