What Do Teens Do on Saturday Nights?

By Martha Holden
Many teens enjoy their Saturday nights partying with their peers.
Many teens enjoy their Saturday nights partying with their peers.

In the present day, teenagers tend to have more time and fewer responsibilities. Teenagers usually have free times during weekends, after school and school holidays, which they use for leisure activities. Saturday nights are the most common days your child will have free time to hang around his friends and indulge in a number of activities to make his Saturday nights fun.

Attending Parties

The adolescent stage presents your teen with opportunities to attend parties. Sweet 16 birthdays, house parties, slumber parties and camping trips are example of parties your child might attend on a Saturday night. Invites to such parties are either sent via social networks like Facebook and Twitter or via word of mouth in school. Night parties expose your child to a number of hazards including teenage pregnancy, unprotected sex, sexual harassment and addictive drugs. Parents allowing their children to attend such parties have a responsibility to warn sons and daughters on the dangers they are likely to face in addition to advising them on how to avoid them.


Bowling is a leisure activity admired by many teens in America. NBC News reports that a number of bowling halls are changing their appearances to satisfy their teenage clients’ tastes. Electric fog, music videos, and gourmet foods and drinks are examples of additions that most bowling centers with a large teenage customer base have made to existing features in their bowling centers. Bowling encourages cooperation and allows your child to become a team player.

Video Games

Approximately 78 percent of American children aged between 12 and 17 years old participate in online video games. Video arcades offer various games, such as car racing, sports, puzzles and shooting games that your child might play on a Saturday night. Video games provide a platform for your child to socialize with his friends. It also allows him to develop better understanding of his friends, as they may team up and challenge other teams available online.

Attending Sporting Events

Teenagers who admire sports may also take time on Saturday nights to cheer on their favorite teams. Many sporting events, such as basketball, baseball, soccer and auto racing, sometimes occur on Saturday evenings when most fans are out of work. Your child might meet with his friends to enjoy a game or two of their favorite sports.

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