Teenage Girl Birthday Cake Ideas

By Danelle White
Birthday cakes can be fun to make---and especially to eat.

Teenage girls are a hard breed to help celebrate birthdays. She wants the big to-do, but she doesn't want it to be too childish. She is on the brink between little girl and woman, and she wants to be treated more like a woman. This makes it difficult to relay into a creative birthday cake. Here are a few ideas on some fabulous, creative cakes for any teen girl.

Tie-Dye Cake

This is a simple cake to make that takes only a little effort to get an outstanding look. Just a rectangular cake, a knife, white frosting and spray-on colours for frosting is all you need. Take a white frosted cake and spray on the colours in a tie-dyed design. A little imagination will go a long way to making this cake spectacular.

Slumber Party Cake

This cake can be customised to the number of girls sleeping over. This cake requires a little imagination as to what to use to make the girls in the bed, but overall it's easy. Use a rectangular cake, add some marshmallows for the bodies and frost the cake over the marshmallows to make them appear to be under the covers. Add liquorice for the hair and food colouring or cake dyes to draw the faces on. Then colour in the bedspread for a fabulous cake for any girl's sleepover.

Music Cakes

Most teens love music. MP3 players and computers are used to listen, download and store every type of music available. Your cake can reflect this. A rectangular cake can be made to look like an MP3 player with bag of black icing, or stores sell guitar- or other instrument-shaped cakes as well. Adding a few music notes to a predecorated cake can add a lot of pizazz to an otherwise plain cake, making it spectacular for your teen girl's party.

About the Author

Danelle White has been a writer since 1983, producing poetry and articles for various websites and working on her first book. Her experience as a mother and Realtor and her interests in gardening and green living give her a varied range of experiences from which to write.