Symptoms at 5 Weeks Pregnant

By Regan Hennessy

At five weeks of pregnancy, your unborn baby's heart has already developed to the point that it can beat and pump blood. At this early point in gestation, you could be experiencing a range of pregnancy symptoms.

Fatigue states that a common symptom of pregnancy that many women encounter in the fifth week is extreme tiredness or fatigue.

Sore Breasts

According to the American Pregnancy Association, many women experience sore, tender or swollen breasts during early pregnancy, sometimes as soon as two weeks following conception.


Typically making its appearance two to eight weeks following conception, nausea (morning sickness) and vomiting affect many pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy. To alleviate this symptom, the American Pregnancy Association suggests eating smaller meals and avoiding any smells that increase your nausea.


The rush of pregnancy hormones that overtakes your body during the early weeks of gestation often causes headaches as your body adapts to the changes taking place.

Frequent Urination

Although most women don't start experiencing this pregnancy symptom until six to eight weeks of pregnancy, you may notice an increased need to urinate during your fifth week. This symptom is due to the drastic increase of blood flow in your body, which causes your kidneys and bladder to process extra fluid.

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