How to Survive Middle School: For Girls Only

By eHow Contributor
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Those dreaded middle school years --- how can anyone survive them? It's tough enough working on the science project and trying to run cross country, but do you really have to deal with so much drama? Demanding teachers, parents that don't understand, terrible boys and fearing high school in 2-3 years. This ehow article will get girls through the Middle School Blues.


In order to survive middle school, try being a great friend to others. Many girls face peer pressure throughout their middle school years trying to fit in and attract the "right" girls. By reaching out to other girls (and boys) and being kind, considerate and friendly you'll always have lots of real friends. As you enter high school, some of those same students will follow you and you may even still be friends in adulthood. Make adjustments and make friends.


Middle school teachers are a great resource for support. Given the fact that they are teaching middle school shows one or two things. Either they love to be around middle schoolers or they are gluttons for punishment. Ask questions about life skills such as communication, studying tips and how to choose a career. Tapping into the mind of a middle school teacher can provide guidance, protection and supervision.


The middle school years can quickly force students on their knees praying for help with that science project research or learning about math concepts that you'll never use. A relationship with God in the middle school years is beneficial. You'll be able to overcome your fears, anxieties and worries. Reading the Bible is a great source of empowerment. You'll be able to counsel friends and walk with confidence with subjects like love, sex, money and dating.


Finally, surviving middle school (for girls only) is really about not taking everything so seriously. Before you realize it, you will be in high school and you will start worrying about how to survive 4 years of pre-college madness. Then you will get to college and start stressing out even more. Guess what? A few years after that you will be married, with kids and driving a minivan. You will wish you were back in middle school studying for a spelling test and dealing with a zit on your face. Young ladies, middle school can have its moments, but all in all it's some of the best years of your young life. Enjoy it while it lasts!