Summer Teen Boot Camps in South Carolina

By Melissa Blevins
Daily exercise is one component of boot camp that teaches discipline.
Daily exercise is one component of boot camp that teaches discipline.

Finding help for your troubled teen isn't easy, but one proven way to do it is to seek professional help. Boot camps, where trained professionals use behavioral tactics modeled after military camps, will teach your teen leadership, discipline, good work ethics and teamwork. There are several summer boot camp options for your teen in South Carolina.

Eagle Military Academy

Located in North Charleston, South Carolina, this boot camp will teach your teen discipline, wisdom, integrity and honor. The academy also places a heavy emphasis on academics, telling parents the qualified and trained staff will work to change your child's difficulties for the better. Eagle Military Academy offers a three-pronged approach in improving your teen physically, emotionally and spiritually by preparing him to be a future national leader.

Camden Military Academy

There are two summer boot camp programs available at Camden Military Academy for your teenage son. The high school program is open to boys who are entering grades nine to 12 and advertises a focus on academics, while the second option is open to boys entering grades six to nine and teaches teamwork and leadership. Although both programs differ in length, with the former lasting almost three weeks and the latter operating for one week, each follows roughly the same daily schedule in terms of breakfast, lunch and lights-out time.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot

In Parris, South Carolina, your teen will start off the 70-day program as a recruit and finish as a Marine, if he is successful. This program is a challenging one, beginning with Combat Conditioning and ending with "The Crucible," a 54-hour period of sleep and food deprivation and intense physical conditioning that culminates with a nine-mile march with full packs and personal equipment. During the three months of the MCRD, your teen will be trained in combat, pushed to excel in academics and taught leadership and teamwork skills.

SAT Boot Camp

A little different from the traditional idea of what comprises a boot camp, the SAT boot camp at Clemson University still applies the same concepts of discipline, dedication, hard work and willingness to succeed. Clemson University's boot camp requires that applicants be in the 10th grade, in the top 10 percent of their class, enrolled in an Advanced Placement curriculum at their high school and meet the early admission criteria required by Clemson University. The benefits of the SAT boot camp include access to financial aid, increased SAT scores and college enrollment.

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