Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy Two Weeks After Conception

By Summer Minor
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Two weeks after conception is when most pregnancy tests can detect a positive result. This period, considered the fourth week of pregnancy by medical professionals, is when many of the early signs of pregnancy begin to appear. At this point, the fertilized egg has turned into an embryo and measures 0.04 inches in length.

Tender, Swollen Breasts

Breasts can become larger and tender.
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Tender and swollen breasts are one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. Hormone changes, during pregnancy, cause changes in a woman's breasts. They may become sore and tender, and may swell and become larger.


Frequent naps may be in order if you are pregnant.
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In early pregnancy, the hormone progesterone begins to increase. This hormone naturally makes a person tired and want to sleep. At the same time, blood sugar levels begin to dip which increase the feeling of exhaustion.


Feeling nauseous.
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About two to eight weeks after conception some women begin to experience nausea, commonly referred to as morning sickness. This nausea can happen at any time during the day or night. The rising levels of estrogen cause a woman's stomach to empty more slowly, increasing feelings of nausea.

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