How to Rent Car Seats

By Natasha Puryear
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

When traveling as a family the option to rent a car seat can be very appealing. Renting a car seat ensures that your child is traveling safely without the hassle of packing a car seat and lugging it through a packed airport. Most car rental companies will also rent a car seat to you. The process is not hard but there are things you will want to look out for when you receive the car seat. Remember that your child's safety is on the line when you are using any car seat.

Step 1

Request a car seat appropriate for your child when you set up your car rental. Adding your car seat rental request to your car rental order will help ensure that a car seat is available on the day you pick up your car.

Step 2

Inspect the car seat that has been supplied for you. You will want to make sure the car seat is not expired or damaged in any way. The expiration date will be printed on the car seat. If you find that the car seat is expired or damaged you must ask for a replacement.

Step 3

Read the user manual to ensure that you install the car seat as the manufacturer has directed. If the rental company does not have the user manual request that they look it up online so that you can be sure that the installation happens properly.

Step 4

Clean the car seat before you return it to the rental company. Returning a clean car seat may even be in the rental contract you signed.