How to Recognize the Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy

By eHow Contributor
Image by, courtesy of gabi menashe

The earliest possible signs of pregnancy begin to appear with in a couple of weeks of conception. None of these steps, by themselves will be able to tell you for sure if you are pregnant; however, if you follow all of the steps and each indicates that you are pregnant, your chances of actually being pregnant are much greater.

Keep track of your periods. One of the best known of the earliest possible signs of pregnancy is the missing of a period. If you have been sexual active and miss your next period, it doesn't guarantee that you are pregnant, but it is one possible symptom.

Take your temperature as soon as you wake up. This measurement is called your Basal body temperature. If your Basal body temperature increases for a period of several weeks, this could be another sign that you are pregnant.

Monitor your body closely for changes. There are several subtle signs of pregnancy that you may notice by just paying close attention to how you feel from day to day, such as nausea, frequent urination, or any other bodily sensations that are not normally a part of your day.

Keep an eye on your body. One of the earliest possible signs of pregnancy is a darkening of the vulva, vagina, and cervix begin to darken once you've been pregnant.