When to Put a Baby in a Walker

By Candice Coleman
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Watching your bundle of joy grow and develop can be an exciting opportunity, especially when your little one is old enough to use a walker. A walker can help your little one explore the environment independently. However, supervision is vital as these devices can also pose hazards. A baby on the move in a walker may be more likely to tumble down stairs or reach previously inaccessible objects, which may cause injury.

Walker Age Ranges

A baby is generally ready to begin using a walker at about 8 months old, or when she is able to stay in a sitting-up position. Parents may continue using these devices until babies are walking well, about the time they reach 14 to 15 months old, according to BabyCenter. While parents hold to the belief that a walker may help a baby walk sooner, the devices can delay walking, states the American Academy of Pediatrics. Walkers allow babies to get around by using different movement patterns than regular walking. But a little one needs to see how her lower body moves when learning how to walk, and a walker may block her view. Traumatic injuries are also more likely as babies are capable of covering large distances before a parent can react, according to the AAP.

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