How to Put a 5-Month-Old Baby to Sleep

By Steve Bradley

Putting a 5-month-old baby to sleep can sometimes be a challenge. Every parent experiences difficulties with regular sleeping patterns at some time. Luckily there are some strategies to help. Follow these steps when putting a 5-month-old sleep and you just may get him to sleep through an entire night.

How to Put a 5-Month-Old Baby to Sleep

Keep your baby active during the day and try wearing him down if he won't fall asleep. Try using a baby sling and walk him to sleep. Just like anyone else, a tired baby will sleep more soundly. You also have the benefit of quality time with your 5-month-old.

Make sure not to put your baby to bed hungry. While it isn't a good idea to feed him right before bed, being sure he will not be hungry in an hour or so should help him stay asleep longer.

Change baby's diaper right before bedtime. Even if he is dry, a fresh diaper will feel better and help him relax. If you change him right before bed, he will most likely remain comfortable until his next accident, which might not happen until later at night.

Have a nighttime routine. Babies need regular sleeping patterns and having a regular routine will help to establish one early. Choose one time to put your baby to bed each night and stick to it. This should help him sleep through the whole night.

Encourage your baby to fall asleep independently. Everyone wakes up from time to time during the night, but as adults we often don't even know it. Babies need to learn to self-pacify themselves and fall back asleep. So if he wakes up crying don't immediately rush in. See if he can get himself back to sleep on occasion to develop the skill.

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