Pros and Cons for Surrogacy

By Brooke Julia
Noel Hendrickson/Photodisc/Getty Images

Not being able to conceive a child can be heartbreaking for any couple. Fertility issues are to blame in some cases; in others, carrying a child to term could be medically dangerous or impossible for the mother. One possible solution for a couple facing childlessness is surrogacy. **Surrogacy is an arrangement in which another woman agrees to carry a child for the couple and surrender it to them when it's born**. While surrogacy can make dreams of parenthood come true, it can be fraught with legal implications, emotional turmoil and unforeseen complications. It's a decision no couple or potential surrogate should enter into impulsively.

Pro: Choice

Pro: The Baby

Con: Legal Confusion

Con: Emotional Pain

Con: The Unexpected

Cons: Cost

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