Tips for Preventing Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

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Morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy does not have to be a foregone conclusion. If you are proactive and take care of yourself, especially during the first trimester, you are bound to ward off morning sickness easier.

Step 1

While it may be difficult to even fathom the thought of eating, always keep something in your stomach. This can be dry toast, saltines, ginger cookies or even a little protein. Try to eat small, frequent meals. Realize that this, too, will pass and give way to a new stage of eating in pregnancy. Keep crackers by your bed to keep something in your stomach late at night so you will not awake to nausea in the morning.

Step 2

Wearing magnetic wristbands can help ward off nausea before it begins. This a safe, healthy and non-medicated way to prevent morning sickness. You can also use this method in conjunction with other methods.

Step 3

If you must work or cook food, avoid odors that can trigger feelings of nausea. Realize that your sense of smell may be enhanced during pregnancy and you might pick up on scents that were not bothersome in the past. If you can, go out to lunch or leave the office if someone is heating up meals that bother you. Get someone else to cook at home or leave during dinner if the sight of food makes you sick. Try to get some fresh air and eat something when everyone else is finished eating. Opt for a sandwich, some fruit or other cold food.

Step 4

Ginger or lemon may work wonders when it comes to warding off morning sickness. Drinking ginger ale or chewing on ginger candy or crystallized ginger can help ward off nausea. Sniffing a lemon or sucking on lemon drops can also help keep nausea at bay.

Step 5

Keep as active as possible as this will give you less time to dwell on feeling nauseated. If you can, get outside for a walk or fresh air at least three times a day.

Step 6

Talk to your doctor about taking supplements for nausea. You may be able to take vitamin B6 or other supplements or herbs to help ease your morning sickness. Decide with your doctor which herb or vitamin and what dose you should be taking.

Step 7

Check with your doctor to see if you can switch prenatal vitamins with less iron, as some of these have been known to upset the stomach. Never take anything on an empty stomach.

Step 8

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration, especially in more severe cases of morning sickness.

Step 9

Keep a small journal to record feelings about the baby and any pregnancy symptoms you may have. You could be surprised at how freeing this feels and how expressing your feelings can help ease discomfort.

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