Preschool Books About the Sense of Smell

By Zora Hughes
Explore the world of noses and smells with your preschooler.
Explore the world of noses and smells with your preschooler.

As preschoolers start to learn about the five senses, you'll no doubt be peppered with questions from your child about how they work, including how noses smell. Help yourself by picking up a few age-appropriate books at the library that will explain how noses smell things, as well as fun and scented fiction books related to the sense of smell.

Books on Noses

Introduce preschoolers to how noses work and noses of animals with preschool-aged books, such as "The Nose Book" by Al Perkins, a rhyming book with cute illustrations of noses of all sizes, shapes and colors, for kids ages 4 and up. The book "Whose Nose Is This?" by Wayne Lynch, also for children 4 and older, features photographs of all types of animal noses and the kids must turn the page to find out which animal a certain nose belongs to.

Smelling Science

You can find many books geared toward preschoolers that help them understand how the nose can smell things. For kids 4 and older, "Sid The Science Kid: What's That Smell?" by Jennifer Frantz follows preschooler's favorite science whiz kid as he learns why and how he can smell. Another book to check out for that age group is "The Nose Knows" by Ellen Weiss, which follows a little boy with an excellent sense of smell, using it to protect his family when they catch colds.

Scratch and Sniff Books

Have fun with scratch and sniff books with your preschoolers, allowing her to connect her nose with her sense of smell. For children 3 and older, "Little Bunny Follows His Nose" by Katherine Howard is a classic book, featuring scents of the forest, flowers, fruits and vegetables. During the holiday seasons, you could read "The Gingerbread Family," by Grace Maccarone, for kids 2 and older, which will delight them with the aromatic scents of gingerbread, peppermints, chocolate and other sweet treats you would find on a gingerbread house. You might also want to check out the "Mo's Nose" series of books by Margaret. E Hyde, which includes scents that the dog Mo smells on his many adventures.

Smelly Funny Fiction

Keep your kid laughing with cute fiction stories relating to the sense of smell. For kids ages 4 and older, "Stop That Nose!" by Martha Peaslee Levine, about a dad who loses his nose after sneezing so hard and the hilarity that ensues as he chases it, while it sneezes out random things -- and people. Another adorable book for that age group is "Mr. Blewitt's Nose" by Alastair Taylor, about a most helpful little girl who finds a nose on a park bench and embarks on a quest to return it to its rightful owner.

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