How to Potty-Train a Stubborn Boy

By Hillary Marshall
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Potty-training is difficult under normal circumstances, but when your son is stubborn it magnifies the problem. According to Dr. Pete Stavinoha, author of “Stress Free Potty Training," boys generally take a little longer than girls to potty-train. Once you are certain your son is ready to potty-train, you can use several tricks and tactics in your potty-training efforts that will help you achieve success.

Step 1

Look for signs of readiness. If your son is stubborn, the worse thing you can do is start potty-training him before he is really ready. In order to train your son, he must be able to get in and out of his clothes so he can use the potty and he also must be able to get on and off the potty. He must understand the functions you're asking him to perform on the potty. He must understand potty vocabulary and have an interest in the activity.

Step 2

Buy some potty-training equipment. You will either need a training potty, or a step stool so your child can use the big potty. Buy underwear. Let him pick the underwear he likes to add to the excitement of training. Get some potty-training books, so you can read them to him and create excitement for training. You might also try potty-training videos or coloring books.

Step 3

Dress your son in clothing that is easy for him to pull up and down while he is potty-training. Sweatpants are ideal for potty-training because they don't have zippers or buttons to navigate. The easier it is for your son to get his pants down the less likely he will have an accident.

Step 4

Start training when you have at least a few days to devote it. Avoid potty-training during a time that is stressful for your child.

Step 5

Sit your child on the potty even when he says he doesn’t have to go. Make him sit on the potty for a few minutes before you allow him to get up. If he doesn’t go potty, take him back in 30 minutes. If he does go potty, bring him back in 60 minutes.

Step 6

Make going the bathroom fun by putting Cheerios, or another type of cereal in the toilet for your son to aim at when he pees. You can also make up a fun potty song, or poem for the two of you to recite when he is using the bathroom.

Step 7

Reward your child when he goes the bathroom on the potty. Praise his efforts and offer an incentive you know he can’t refuse. For instance, each time your son goes the bathroom successfully he could get a piece of candy. You can also do a sticker chart.

Step 8

Relax and don’t stress too much if potty-training takes awhile. The more stressed you are about the situation the more pressure it puts on your child. Avoid scolding him if has accidents.

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